Cosmetics during pregnancy. What can you and can not do?

You can all cosmetics during pregnancy use? In principle it is! Generally speaking, you can not buy cosmetics in the Netherlands that are not allowed during pregnancy. If a product is harmful, it is stated explicitly on the packaging. For cosmetics, strict legislation applies, everything must also be safe for pregnant women. That is why there are no substances in the cosmetics that you can buy at drug stores that can be harmful to the mother or the unborn baby. In principle everything is safe, but whether everything is equally good for your skin is a second. Read here what you can pay attention to when you buy cosmetics during pregnancy.

Make-up during pregnancy

Make-up is great to use during pregnancy. In Europe there are very strict rules when it comes to hazardous substances in products. The make-up you buy in most stores is just safe. A small side note: make-up can contain fragrances and multiple preservatives, which is not very healthy for your skin.

If you want to take care of your skin optimally, you may be able to switch to make-up that is free of preservatives. If you Googled on this you can find various make-up brands that consist of natural ingredients. Think of the products from The Body Shop, Yves Rocher, MILD cosmetics or Moonminerals.

Which day cream during pregnancy?

Your skin may become more sensitive during your pregnancy. This is (of course) due to the hormones. Among other things, the hormones ensure that your blood flow is better. This way you get wonderful blushes on your cheeks and sometimes a more even and radiant skin: the so-called pregnancy glow. But these fine pregnancy hormones can also have a less good effect on your skin. Think of red spots or acne.

It is possible that your skin is more vulnerable during pregnancy and therefore needs extra care. In addition, your skin needs good protection and especially against the sun. From the second trimester of your pregnancy you can develop a pregnancy mask. These are pigmentation spots in your face. You can prevent this by staying out of the sun and also ensure that you wear sunscreen or a day cream with a factor in it.

Cosmetics during pregnancy? Which products are safe for pregnant women?

You can take good care of your skin by choosing a day cream made from natural and soft care products. These products are very mild for the skin, but they do very well. Most day creams you can buy at the drug store contain perfume and preservatives. So really look for mild products. Consider, for example, products from Dr van der Hoog.

Skin care during pregnancy

Good skin care starts with the right day cream, but there are more actions you can take to take care of your skin and let it shine:

  • Always clean your face well before you go to sleep and in the morning.
  • Provide a mild cleaning without aggressive ingredients such as alcohol. For example, clean your face with a hypoallergenic cleansing milk.
  • Preferably choose make-up that is free of preservatives.
  • Make sure you get enough moisture. Per day, at least 1.5 liters.
  • Eat healthy and varied such as wholemeal products, vegetable oils, unsaturated fat and proteins. Avoid sugar and saturated fat.

Nail polish during pregnancy

Nail polish is also a cosmetic during pregnancy that women still use a lot, but also contains chemicals. You notice that immediately when you screw the cap of the nail polish. In many nail polishes, among others, triphenyl phosphate. This is a substance that ensures that the nail polish becomes hard, but remains flexible. It is also used to make plastic hard again, but flexible.

Some people claim that triphenyl phosphate can bring our sex hormones out of balance. Although the substance is only in very small quantities in nail polish, it can still end up in your body. If you want to keep your entire body hormone-free, you can buy nail polish that does not contain triphenyl phosphate. For example, nail polish from the brand Acquarella.

False nails pregnancy

Artificial nails can be excellent during pregnancy, both gel nails and acrylic nails. Sometimes it can happen that the nails are released earlier by the hormones. Some women are also allergic or sensitive to acrylic, but that differs per woman. In any case, it is not harmful to you or your baby.

Mascara during pregnancy

Does mascara also belong to the cosmetics during pregnancy that you use? Make sure your mascara does not cause an allergic reaction to you. In some mascaras can be pretty intense resources such as nickel that your skin can not handle properly. Yet this is not very harmful, but if you want to play it on save, you can also opt for your mascara that consists of natural ingredients. In addition, never choose waterproof mascara, which is quite aggressive and not good for your eyelashes.

Lashes have been popular lately. These are serums that make your lashes stronger and grow better. Many women are hilarious about it. If you use a serum as a cosmetic during pregnancy, make sure you use a safe variant that has no major side effects. Look here for more information for a good eyelash serum for long eyelashes.

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