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I knew I would not fit the entire pregnancy in my normal clothes, but I have underestimated a little how much maternity wear I would need! After the 14th week of my pregnancy I could no longer do anything about what I had in my closet. Only my underwear (except for the bra, which was already too small after a few weeks). Fortunately, I had some maternity clothes from my sister in law, that saved a lot. But I had to buy the rest myself. So I went looking for it cheap maternity wear. Do you have any tips?

Hunting for cheap maternity wear

Your pregnancy covers about 3 seasons. Now you will still be able to wear your normal clothes for the first 3 months, but after that everything will be tighter. Especially if, like me, you usually wear trousers. Do you have a lot of stretch dresses in the closet, then you can probably still a little longer ahead.

I exchanged my normal trousers after 12 weeks for pregnancy trousers. I could wear my outerwear a bit longer, but from the 15 to 16 weeks that was also a thing of the past. With an eye on many months to go, I realized that I had to go shopping for maternity clothes.

There is a lot of nice maternity wear to find, but it started to stand out that everything is quite expensive! I did not feel like spending hundreds of euros on clothes that I would wear for half a year. And besides, not all of my maternity wear needed to be very nice, just good basics are always fine. So I went looking and found a number of stores where you can buy great maternity clothes for a reasonable price!

Maternity wear from the Lidl

Hell yes! You can buy maternity clothes at the Lidl! I did not know this myself and I never heard anyone say that you can buy maternity clothes there. I found out by accident. Every week I get my vegetables, meat and fish at the Lidl. Normally I never look into the bins with clothing, garden tools and sports equipment until I looked into it once.

My husband was then shopping with me (which is very rare). "Look!" I said 'They just have pregnancy bras and leggings here'. My husband nodded a little and was looking around impatiently. He hated shopping in busy shops. So I thought to myself: 'I will spit on those bins next week'. But the week after there was no maternity wear in the Lidl. And not the week after.

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When I went to look online, I saw that Lidl does have maternity clothes, but in fact the most common sizes, and therefore exactly the sizes that I have to have, are sold out as standard. This does not shoot for a meter.

Now I have found out somewhere. At the Lidl they get offers every week, which come on the site and in those bins in the supermarket. Do you see something that you want: buy immediately because the next week there are new offers. To my delight, the maternity wear returned to the supermarket this week and I immediately bought jeans (for only € 12.99!), A vest, leggings, shirts and tights.

And all for a cheap price, good quality and it looks good too. The outfit that I have on the photo at the top of the page, is completely from the Lidl! Definitely recommended! Keep an eye on the website and if you see that the maternity wear is the 'week deal', then you should quickly go to a Lidl in the neighborhood or order online!

Maternity wear from the H & M

From almost everyone around me who was pregnant, I immediately got the tip to visit H & M. I did that and I managed to score some good basics. Like basic cardigans, shirts and pants. The H & M is reasonably cheap, the disadvantage of the H & M is that the quality sometimes leaves something to be desired. Anyway, for that price you really do not have to leave it of course!

Other places for cheap maternity wear

Other places where you can also buy cheap maternity clothes:

  • C & A: At the C & A you can also find all types of maternity wear for a very reasonable price. The price range is roughly comparable to the H & M. You pay around 30-40 euros for a pair of pants, around 25 euros for a sweater and 15 euros for sweaters.
  • Bonprix: Also with the Bonprix you can easily succeed if you want maternity wear for a reasonable price.
  • Zalando: Zalando is of course an online mecca for clothing. Here you can find a lot of brands of maternity wear, but as I said before: often expensive. But not when you look at Zalando's own maternity clothes. This clothing line is called Zalando Essentials Maternity and contains many nice basic maternity clothes for a nice price.

Maternity wear outlet from famous brands

Do you really want nice maternity wear or do you like designer clothes, then I have a nice tip for you: sign up at Zalando Lounge and Otrium. Every day you receive an e-mail with the discounts of that day. Discounts can be up to 70%. Many well-known brands are affiliated with Zalando Lounge and Otrium and you often also have offers from, for example, Noppies (well-known brand for maternity wear). You have to make a start right away, because the offers often only apply for a few days!

Do you have any tips for cheap maternity wear? These are more than welcome!

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