Tips for binge eating during pregnancy

In my first trimester I was sick, my appetite was no less. I was really excited to eat all day. As a junkie, I was searching the stock several times a day to find out if there was not some goodies. Now that I am in the second trimester it is over. That is not only because I am in the second trimester, but also because of the fact that I have taken action. And that is a good thing too, because it seems that pregnant women will get an irresistible appetite for food from week 19 onwards. Probably that is also the moment when you start working on those vague combinations. To make sure that you do not get 30 kilos, I have a few here tips for binge eating.

My 6 tips against binge eating!

  1. Tasty investing

    If you eat the same thing every day, just like every lunch 3 slices of bread with chicken fillet, you may find your diet very boring. Then you long for delicious chicken sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches and paninis. I have, too, I have. That's why I traded my 3 boring sandwiches with chicken filet for more variety and delicious products. For example, I eat two sliced ​​slices of sourdough wholemeal bread with a homemade tuna salad, cubes of smoked chicken with hummus or a boiled egg with avocado. Delicious!

    In addition, I eat a small bowl of raw vegetables. I can look forward to this every day and really enjoy it. Incidentally, you can best eat a sandwich with 30+ cheese, there is nothing wrong with that. Or spoil yourself at the weekend with a fresh egg salad (homemade of course). Why not? As long as you make it yourself and do not use mayonnaise but fries sauce (max 1 tl) and also lots of herbs, it is fine!

    Get more inspiration for healthy bread!

  2. You do not have to eat bread every day

    The food center recommends eating bread daily, including for iodine. But that does not mean that you have to eat bread all day long 7 days a week. You can easily replace your bammetje with another wholemeal product. For example:

    • Whole grain tortilla
    • Whole wheat or spelled pita bread or naan bread
    • Muesli Bread
    • Whole wheat or spelled dot or hard bun
    • Make a delicious pancake made from wholemeal flour, oatmeal or spelled flour
    • Make a meal salad with wholegrain pasta, couscous or quinoa
  3. Give yourself something tasty every day

    One of the greatest benefits of being pregnant is that you do not have to diet. You have to pay attention, but you do not have to lose weight. Therefore, it is not necessary to do total abstention. In fact, it is sometimes better to enjoy something tasty every day, than to put everything inside that which you have forbidden yourself in one day.

    Eating something tasty every day ensures that you learn to enjoy in moderation. And enjoying in moderation is something that many find incredibly difficult. Train yourself in this and enjoy every day a delicious cake, piece of chocolate or something else that you like, but keep it at 1 piece of about 150 kilocalories.

    To do this it is good to make a 'snack top 3' for yourself. For which 3 products can I wake you up?
    My top 3 is for example: cheesecake, baby strips and caramel sea salt chocolate. Now it is too much to eat a piece of cheesecake every day. So I chose the baby strips. These are packaged in handy small strips, which is a nice portion. I can have one strip every night. Good man!

    Is chips something that is in your top 3? Then you can basically every day a small bag or cup of chips. If you love chocolate, take a look at the packaging how many kilocalories a block is and make sure you do not get over 150 kilocalories.

  4. Know why you eat

    A binge can sometimes be linked to emotions. For example, you eat more because you do not feel comfortable about yourself, uncomfortable or sad. If you get an urge to eat, ask yourself where this urge comes from. When it comes to emotions, try to deal with emotions in a different way than by eating. For example, call a friend or write it down.

    Now that you are pregnant, the chances are pretty big that there is no reason except that your bomb is full of hormones. The only thing you can do to ensure that you do not put something in your mouth every time is: looking for distractions. Go for a walk, clean up, clean, walk around the office or read.

    What sometimes helps me is to view photos of my wedding when I was pretty slim. While looking at those photos, I think: "If I want to look like that again, I do not have to eat too much now." Sometimes I do not eat anything, sometimes I pick up a small child's stripe and I spend a very long time there. Then the sweet appetite is gone too. The last thing you have to do when you have an urge to eat is to do some shopping!

  5. Make sure you continue to exercise or exercise

    Being good with your body is also a way to unconsciously have less need for clutter in your body. Being pregnant can be an excuse for many things, but not to stop moving and exercising. Read more about sports during pregnancy here.

  6. Make sure you are not hungry

    Did you eat your breakfast one and a half hours ago and are already hungry? This feels like an empty feeling in your stomach, your concentration drops and you feel faint. If you feel this you must eat. For example a piece of fruit or a sandwich.

    Please do not go hungry, because that is the only way you can bake a binge. Do you always have a binge when you come home from work? Then that is probably because you are super hungry. Then eat something in the car to satisfy your hunger.By the way, hunger is a sign of your body that you have to eat something healthy. Do not ignore this because you are not on a diet!

    Now it is important that you listen to your body.
    Hungry = food!

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