Huggies new improved diapers offer!

Huggies, you know that other brand of diapers, has recently made her diapers even better. The diapers are not only breathable and as soft as cotton, you can also tell by the color if the diaper is too wet! Very handy. Especially with a newborn baby, because then you do not have to bother your baby to see if the diaper needs to be changed.
They celebrate this with a mega offer of no less than 45% discount!

Huggies new diapers

The skin of a newborn baby is soft and supple. That is why it is important to keep the skin clean and healthy, especially with faeces. The new Huggies diaper for newborn babies are equipped with all the techniques to keep the skin of the baby just as cool and soft as the day they were born.

The Huggies diapers have a stretchable waistband that adapts to the baby's figure. The hourglass shape of the new Huggie diaper ensures excellent fit and comfort.

In addition, the diapers absorb the baby's urine through the new one within three seconds Dry Touch Technology. This new DryTouch® Layer consists of many small, super-soft bubbles that immediately absorb the wetness and then dry perfectly within seconds. This will quickly dry your baby's skin, keeping the baby happier and comfortable even when the diaper is full!

The diapers also have a special inner bag that helps prevent leaks. This way, all accidents remain in place and you do not have to change the romper like this mother in the movie because the back of your baby is completely underneath.

Huggies new diapers have a moisture indicator that changes color when it gets wet! This is a special yellow strip that runs over the middle of the diaper. The strip changes from yellow to a green color if the diaper needs to be changed.

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Huggies where to buy?

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