How often does a baby drink the first few days?

As a brand new parent, you stand every moment of the day for something new that you still have to learn. You do not think about it in advance until the baby is there. Then you suddenly ask yourself: how often does a baby drink? Is the amount my baby drinks enough? And how long do I have to feed? Very logical questions! You can read the answers here!

How often does a baby drink the first few days?

The first days with your baby are very exciting and you want to know for sure if you are doing everything right. But how often does a baby drink in these first days? And how much does a newborn baby drink?

The answer is unfortunately not clear. One baby drinks more often than the other. The nice thing is that your baby can indicate this very well and will really let himself be heard if he or she is hungry. If you breastfeed, your milk production will adapt to your baby's request. This all goes without saying. That way you always have enough milk for your little one. If you bottle-feed then the bottle really does not always empty. Your baby will automatically indicate if he or she has enough.

The first days babies drink 10 to 12 times a day on average. The stomach of your baby is still very small and therefore can not handle such a large amount. That is why you will have to feed your baby more often. In addition, it is also possible that your baby is thirsty. The milk is the food and the drinking of your little one. The best you can do feeding on request. That is better than imposing a feeding schedule.

In addition, try to avoid crying by looking closely at the signals from your baby. If you see that your baby is sucking, smacking or looking with the head on the little hands, then your little one is hungry and you can feed it right away. If you stop crying, you will prevent your baby becoming upset.

How often do baby lay 2 weeks?

The first few days your baby drinks a lot, but that will change within a week. How often does a baby drink after the first week? That is about 7 to 8 times a day. It can be more. If you want to drink less often, contact the health center.

How often does a 6-week-old baby drink?

A 6 week old baby drinks between 6 to 8 times a day. If your baby drinks less often, he or she often drinks a little more. If you are breastfeeding, you continue to feed until your baby has enough. When you are bottle-fed, you should check carefully what is stated on the packaging and pay attention to the amount your baby is drinking (bottle empty or not?). Read more about your baby's feeding schedule here.

How long does a baby drink per feed?

How long your baby drinks per food is very different. If your baby wants to drink often, it will be smaller amounts than when your baby needs to drink less often. In the beginning, the baby will drink less, because your baby wants to drink more often. In addition, it also depends on your expertise in breastfeeding, your layering technique and the admission reflex and how smoothly breastfeeding goes. In the beginning it can be quite some stunts, so always ask help from maternity care. Generally, feeding takes about 20 to 30 minutes, but that can also be longer.

You continue to feed your baby until your child shows that he or she has enough. If you notice these signals, you should stop feeding, even if the bottle is not empty, for example. The signals are: turning the head away, letting the nipple or teat go, milk runs out of the corners of the mouth, getting restless, no longer eager to bite or doing food for a very long time, in which your child hardly swallows at the end (your baby is probably already half fallen asleep).

How do you know if your baby receives enough nutrition?

How often a baby drinks does not always say something about whether your baby gets enough. If you are breastfeeding, it is difficult to estimate how much your baby is drinking. How can you check if your baby gets enough? You can do that by keeping track of the number of diapers.

In the first weeks, your baby should have 6 wet urine diapers on average, and between 2 and 5 faeces per 24 hours. After the first few weeks, your baby will (luckily) poop less. The veils remain about 6 per day, the poop diapers are still very few, sometimes only once every 2 weeks. After 6 weeks, the number of dirty diapers does not say that much anymore. Pay special attention to your baby. If it is lively and alert, your baby will get enough inside.

If your baby has fewer shower pads or if your baby is drinking enough, do not give an extra bottle immediately. Discuss your concerns first with the clinic or switch in a lactation consultant.

Weight gain baby first weeks

Do not be alarmed if you notice that your baby is falling off the first days, that is quite normal. After about 2 weeks your baby is at the same weight as at birth. After this your baby will steadily arrive. In the first 6 months this is about 150 grams per week! Your baby's growth is monitored at the clinic. If you still have questions about how often a baby drinks, you can always put it there.

Make sure that your baby drinks more or less on some days. This is how baby drinks more during regular days. These are usually on day 10, after 6 weeks and again after 3 months. Read more about regular days here.

If you have any doubts about your milk production, please first inform a lactation consultant before you start with the bottle! Find a lactation consultant in your area here.

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