Recognize contractions

During pregnancy you will face a number of inconveniences. Especially when the end of the pregnancy is approaching and especially when you are pregnant with your first child. One of the things you can experience is a hard belly or pre-contractions. These contractions may seem like the birth has started, but that is not always the case. Want to know how you contractions recognize can it indicate that you are giving birth? We will explain it in this article.

How can you recognize real contractions?

Before I explain how you can recognize real contractions, you should know that there are three other contractions. These are contractions that you can have before you get real contractions. These are Braxton-Hick contractions, indigestion and pre-contractions.

  1. Braxton-hick contractions

    These contractions are also called a 'hard belly'. You can suffer from a hard stomach for weeks or months before you give birth. A hard belly is caused by the uterus stretching to give your growing child more space. Read more information about hard bellies here.

  2. Indwelling contractions

    By the end of your pregnancy, your baby will gradually descend. He or she drops down with your head towards the pelvis. This causes painful stitches within the vagina. It can also happen that you feel pain in your groin. The contractions last for a few hours and last for about 20 seconds. They can already occur weeks before you have to give birth.

  3. Pre-contractions

    Pre-contractions ensure that your cervix is ​​ready for delivery. Your cervix is ​​becoming weaker so that it can open more easily. Precauries last about 30 seconds. The difference with real contractions is that the pre-contractions follow irregularly. The pain you feel has NO highlight, but remains kind of constant.

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Recognizing contractions

Especially if this is your first pregnancy, it is very nice if you know if you have any contractions or real contractions. Fortunately, there are a number of characteristics that allow you to recognize real contractions so that you know that the birth has started.
These characteristics are based on 3 pillars:

  • The pain you experience;
  • The duration of the wee and the between poses;
  • And the regularity.

This way you can recognize contractions:

  1. Pain:
    If you notice the symptoms below, you can be pretty sure that they are real contractions. You can recognize contractions by:
  2. The pain becomes more intense with every wee.
  3. The pain during the wee has a beginning, a climax and then ebbs away.
  4. You do not have any pain between the contractions.
  5. The pain during the wee continues to persist even when you take a different posture.
  6. You also experience pain in your lower back, stomach and / or upper legs.
  7. Duration of the woe: The woe lasts about one minute or longer (front wounds last between 30 and 40 seconds).
  8. Regularity: You can recognize real contractions by the regularity in which they arise. In the beginning they come every 10 minutes, later that accelerates to 5 minutes and after a while they follow each other faster, just like every 4 minutes. Please note that this process can take hours.
    But if you notice that they have been coming regularly for some time and then follow each other faster and faster, then you know that the delivery is really close.

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