Getting pregnant tips

Once you have decided that you would like children, you hope that it is immediately tangible. Believe me: I know everything about it. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. There are many couples who are not pregnant in the first three months. And there are also plenty of healthy couples that still have not succeeded after a year. Terrible of course, but sometimes it is simply unpredictable.
What you can do is ensure that you follow our pregnancy tips so that you have at least done everything to significantly increase your chances of a pregnancy. Good luck!

When will you be pregnant the fastest?

Unfortunately, there is not one way that makes you the fastest pregnant. This is because several factors play a role such as your health, your partner's and living conditions. What obviously plays a pretty important role are the adventures in the bedroom. And you have a direct view of that. The way to get pregnant quickly is to ensure that the sex parties are carefully planned. Below are the most important tips you can get.

Know your menstrual cycle!

Becoming pregnant depends on your ovulation. You can find out when you are ovulating, if you know your menstrual cycle. Therefore, count the days that are between the first day of your period until the first day of your next menstruation. Usually about 21 to 35 days are involved. Always try to keep up with this. That way you also find out whether your cycle is regular or not.

If your cycle is fairly regular (1 or 2 days difference is normal) then you are 'lucky' and you can pretty well calculate the day of your ovulation. Do you have an irregular cycle? Then read here what you can do with a different cycle. Your ovulation is 10 to 14 days (depending on the length of your cycle) before the first day of your next menstruation.

Know the ovulation symptoms

You can of course plan everything carefully, but your body also tells you that your ovulation is coming. This is called the ovulation symptoms. The best known ovulation symptoms are:

  • A cramp or pain on the right or left about 2 weeks before you have to have your period. This may indicate an ovulation. Some women can feel this.
  • You feel more like sex
  • A clear signal: change of substance of your cervical mucus. So your separation. When you are not fertile, you are the cervical mucus which is creamy or whitish in color and friable. When the fertile days come, the cervical mucus changes color and structure. It becomes transparent and looks a bit like protein. You can often see this if you wipe after a visit to the toilet, but it is best to put your finger in your vagina and collect some mucus. Then you do it between two fingers and take your fingers apart. If you see wires, then it is good to have fellowship that day. You are fertile!

Use the ovulation test well

It is not wrong to use an ovulation test, but do it well. An ovulation test measures when you are ovulating, but if you only start having sex then you are sometimes too late! Your egg is only fertile for 12 to 24 hours, after which it will die. Sperm cells need 12 to 24 hours to reach the egg. So there is a big chance that it has already ended. It is better to have a community before you ovulate.

Start with community on time

If you know when you are ovulating, it's time to see when you can get the best out of work. Do you want to get pregnant quickly? Do not let it go ice in one day. The more sperm cells are there to fertilize the egg, the greater your chance. So have sex for several days before ovulation.

Depending on the quality of the seed, sperm cells can survive between 2 and 4 (and maybe 5) days in the uterus. So start a few days (for example 5 or 4) before ovulation and then dive every day between the sheets. Every day or several times a day makes no sense. Your partner must be given the opportunity to develop new sperm cells again. He does need something of 48 hours for that. So keep this in mind!

Are you 35 or older?

In women who are older than 35 or 36 years it becomes increasingly difficult to get pregnant. Yet it can sometimes be no different. If you start around that age and you have all get pregnant tips followed up, but after more than half a year it does not work out: call the clock on time. It can take quite a long time before you are eligible for an Ivf treatment. In the meantime, you will not get younger!

Even more tips for pregnancy will increase

Besides planning your sexual escapades well, there are other factors that are very important to get pregnant quickly or to increase the chances of a pregnancy. If you really want to make sure that you do everything to ensure that you get pregnant quickly, then it is good to follow our following tips.

Ensure a healthy body

It is actually quite logical that a healthy and fit body increases the chances of a pregnancy than if you are not healthy. Now it can sometimes take some effort and willpower to be healthy, but if you want to become pregnant, you should have something for it. Also, everything you 'have to do' is very good for you anyway. Win-win situation.

  • Eat healthy like enough vegetables (at least 250 grams per day), 2 pieces of fruit, whole grain products, lean meat, eat fish every week and also ensure that you get healthy fats. Leave greasy snacks with a lot of salt or sugar.Read more about increasing fertility through nutrition.
  • Try to keep your BMI between 20 and 25. Then you have a nice healthy weight. Overweight or underweight can stand in the way of pregnancy.
  • Sport regularly
  • Swallow folic acid if you start your efforts to become pregnant.
  • Try to stop smoking and leave the alcohol as much as possible.
  • Stop with drugs
  • Pay attention with the use of medication. If necessary, ask your doctor if your medication is bad for a possible pregnancy.
  • Stress can also ensure that the pregnancy is not forthcoming. It is therefore good to get enough rest and yes ... it is not easy to avoid stress. But if you see a possibility somewhere, go for it.

Also think about the quality of the seed

A pregnancy can also fail because the rascals of your partner are not in top condition. Make sure that your man does not wear tight underwear. The balls need space. In addition, many in a hot bath or sauna can also affect the quality. Read here other tips to increase the fertility of the man.

Never give up courage

Has it not succeeded after 3 months? That is super normal! It seems that even after a year about 10% of healthy couples are not pregnant. So do what you can and do not let the courage drop. If after a year you have not succeeded, you should contact your doctor so that you can be referred.

Make sure that your above mentioned tips have been checked off because here you will probably be asked! Then you will go into a long process. Then do not do anything in the meantime, because then you give up. Just keep trying, it is not impossible that it will not succeed later!

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