Maternity package

A maternity package contains all the tools you need during and after your birth. It is therefore something different than the well-known 'fun packages' or free baby boxes with nice articles. It is wise to have the maternity package in your house more than 6 weeks before your due date. In this blog you can read why you need a maternity package, what it contains, whether it is reimbursed by the health insurance and where you can order it.

Why request a maternity package?

The package contains articles that you really need during a home birth and after delivery. You can think of things that you need for good hygiene. The content may vary somewhat per package. You can also choose to put together a maternity package yourself. Even if you want to give birth in the hospital, it is wise to order a maternity package. After all, it can happen that you will unexpectedly give birth at home. Then you would like to have all the necessary tools at hand.

What's in a maternity package?

The content may vary slightly per package, but it is in any case wise to have the following products in-house.

  • Mattress protector: This is a bed sheet that you put in bed a few weeks before your birth and which prevents your mattress from getting wet when you break the membranes.
  • Maternity mattress: this mattress is on your own mattress and the mattress protector during the delivery. It ensures that no moisture gets on your own mattress.
  • Coasters: these are hygienic mats that absorb moisture and serve as extra protection for the mattress.
  • Bottle of alcohol: for disinfecting the thermometer or for cleaning the skin when, for example, you need an adhesive.
  • Cotton wool: to clean things with or without alcohol.
  • Bandage gauzeIf you or your baby gets a wound, it is taken care of with gauze.
  • Sterile navel clip: to clamp the umbilical cord.
  • Maternity bandage: a larger and thicker version of sanitary napkins. After your birth you will lose blood and fluid for a few days. Maternity bandage catches this. Possible to use in combination with a net pants.
  • Clinical thermometer: to record the temperature of your child.
  • Disinfecting hand gel: for everyone who comes close to your baby.
  • Diaper tape: handy to attach diapery puffs.

Is the maternity package reimbursed by the health insurance?

The maternity package is not reimbursed by the basic insurance. If you are additionally insured, you will usually be reimbursed in full. It is often even sent free of charge. You must have reported your pregnancy to the health insurer.

Where can you order a maternity package?

If you are not reimbursed for a package, you will have to request it from your health insurer against payment or buy one yourself. Depending on the content of the maternity package, it costs somewhere between € 20 and € 45. It is for sale at the pharmacy and chemist, but you can also easily order it online at, for example, The package will then be sent home free of charge.

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