Changing your diaper, that's how you do it!

Soon you can almost do this with your eyes closed, but the first time it takes some getting used to: the change diaper from your newborn baby. To prevent a big shit or pee fest, we have described the steps here for diaper change. This way you are prepared and you and your baby get back to poo- and pee-free!

Change necessities for diapers

Before you change the diaper, it is good to have all the supplies ready. Make sure everything is within easy reach. You will always need these supplies when changing diapers, so it is useful to also put a supply in the diaper bag. Changing diaper, take:

  1. Changing pad
  2. Possibly a hydrophilic diaper over the changing pad (if something goes wrong)
  3. Clean diaper
  4. Bill cloths
  5. Buttocks ointment
  6. Possibly clean clothes
  7. Talcum powder

Diaper changing legs

If you are going to change a diaper, it is wise to lift the legs so that you can roll up the romper well. In addition, the diaper must also sit high. If you have the above items ready, follow the steps below:

  1. Pull out the undergarments
  2. Loosen the romper and roll it up well so that it can not end up in the dirty diaper.
  3. Look at how high the current diaper is, then you know how high you can put on the new diaper.
  4. Pull the socks off so that they can not get into the dirty diaper
  5. Loosen the diaper and sneak something in it. Do not immediately pull away the diaper because then it can become a true shit or pee fest. Babies love to pee and poop when the diaper is gone. Put a cloth on the little boy to prevent a 'golden shower'.
  6. Then fold the diaper under the legs of your baby. If there is a dirty diaper, try to wipe as much poop as possible with the diaper before folding the clean side (outside) of the diaper under your baby.
  7. Open a new diaper and lift the upper body by picking up your baby's ankles. Then remove the diaper.
  8. Grab the bill towels and clean the buttocks well. 1 cloth is often enough for a shower. You need more with a puffy veil. Always make sure that everything is clean. Check also the labia of your daughter and check the little girl and the ball sack with your son. Sometimes there is also some behind in the groin.
    In girls it is very important to sweep from front to back, otherwise there will be shit or bacteria will end up in the vagina.
  9. Sprinkle some talcum powder or smear some buttocks salmon on the legs. The buttocks ointment ensures that the skin of your baby is protected and better repairs. This way you can largely prevent diaper rash.

How do you put on a diaper?

When your baby's bottoms are nicely clean again and contain a small layer of buttocks ointment, you'll change to the last part of diaper: put on a diaper! Here are the steps again!

  • Fold out the new diaper well.
  • Lift the legs and place the diaper under the legs. Make sure that the back of the diaper (under the back) is slightly higher than the belly button
  • Pull the diaper on the front between the legs upwards and secure it.
  • Check that the edges at the legs are not folded inwards. If that is the case then you have to take out the edges. That way nothing can walk past the diaper.
  • The diaper must be tightly closed but not too tight. The diaper is too tight when you see red lines on the legs of your baby when you pull out the diaper.
  • If the diaper is good, then the bodysuit can be lowered and you can button it.

Poop explosion? Watch here how you take off a romper without making everything dirty!

Diaper change how often?

In the first days after birth, your baby does not have any stool but meconium. This is black and sticky and contains a lot of waste. When meconium is in the diaper, it is good to change the diaper immediately. You can always do that right after your baby's feces.

You do not have to change a sheet of launder immediately, because then you stay busy. Check your baby's diaper every 2 hours. The first 2 months you change your baby something from 8 to 10 times a day (after each feeding). After that three months, changing 4 or 5 times a day is sufficient.

Changing diaper before or after feeding?

It is best to change the diaper after feeding. That way you also build a good rhythm. In the first months you will therefore change your baby more often than later if your baby needs less nutrition. In addition, it is good to change your baby if you notice that he or she has pooped. So use your nose well.
Yet another signal from a pooping baby: red head and a difficult face!

Watch this video about the faces of pooping babies

Baby changing games

Did you think your baby always likes to be changed? Think again! Some babies hate it. Especially when they are literally exposed to the buttocks in cold weather. Your baby does not want to stop or put on a throat. This may sound a bit pathetic, but you will really have to give your baby a clean diaper.
So always continue to change the diaper and do not let yourself get too upset. The sooner you finish, the sooner your baby is finished.

But that does not necessarily mean that you can not make it a little fun. Use the moment of diaper changing as a moment to make real contact with your baby. So talk to your child, sing a song and go to work relaxed.Also make some sounds if you lift the buttocks for example and in the meantime tell cheerfully what you are doing (although you may not be so happy by all the poop you see).
The nicer you make the diaper change, the less your baby will struggle!

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