Give birth in the bath

There are many different ways to give birth. You do not always have to lie on a bed with your legs up. One way to give birth gave birth in the bath! There are a lot of benefits to a babybirth to put your child on the world. Not only for you, but also for your baby! In England it is already quite normal and hospitals are even obliged to offer this possibility of giving birth. Does it seem to you that you like having a bath? Read on!

Benefits gave birth in the bath

It seems that giving birth in the bath is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands and that is apparently not for nothing. Because a bath birth clearly has a few good benefits! Think of:

  • Going under water with your whole belly, makes you light (hey is that long ago!) And you can move more freely. Often your body automatically assumes an active bartering posture.
  • A nice warm bath is relaxing so that you can easily surrender yourself to the contractions (you resist yourself less). As a result, the contractions continue earlier and the access is faster.
  • The delivery is often smoother and you are less stressed.
  • The warm water is a good natural painkiller (compare it with a very large hot jar against the pain). This allows you to tolerate the contractions better.
  • Birth in the bath is definitely recommended for women with pelvic instability, back problems or other physical complaints or disabilities.
  • The chance of tearing during delivery is slightly smaller because the water makes your tissues a bit smoother.
  • An advantage for your baby: your baby is born calmer because the transition from amniotic fluid to warm bath water is less. It seems that the babies born in this way are more relaxed and calmer.
  • You have a bit more privacy because you are in the bath and not with your legs wide in a room. In most cases you also have a little more control over the birth. So you can take your baby out of the water yourself if he or she has come out!

When can you give birth in the bath?

Every woman who is allowed to give birth at home can give birth to this delivery. If you give birth in the hospital because you have a medical indication, it is probably not possible.
For a babybirth you must be at least 37 weeks pregnant, your previous delivery without cesarean has expired, your amniotic fluid is clear, you have no complications and you have obstetric experience with these deliveries.

Give birth in private bath

A home birth can certainly take place in the bath. Only not in your own bath. Unfortunately. Your own bath is often too narrow, too shallow and there is not enough room around it. Your midwife must be able to work well with you and have enough workspace. If you have a bath with a diameter of at least 130-150 centimeters and at least 60-65 centimeters deep which is also fairly free, it could be possible in your own bath. But you should always discuss this with your midwife beforehand. It is good to discuss with your midwife if he or she has experience with childbirth in the bath. If that is not the case, you can better choose another way.

Childbirth bath hire

Do you choose a home birth in the bath? Then, if your own bath meets the above requirements, you will have to buy or rent a bath. Always make sure that the diameter is at least 130 centimeters and the bath is at least 60 centimeters high. A place where you can buy or rent a delivery bath is via Oerbron. Here you can choose inflatable, round and hexagonal baths. If you rent one, you usually get a filling hose and universal faucet with a pump and drain hose.

Renting a delivery bath may seem anything but hygienic, but it is. At the bath you get a large plastic cover that you have to put in it. In fact, you are not lying on the bath itself, but on the cover. After use, throw the cover away. Of course the baths are also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by the company.

Give birth in a bath hospital

Birth in the bath is becoming better known in the Netherlands, but it is still not possible in every hospital. Would you like to give birth in the hospital and you do not have a medical need for this (but just because you like it) then you can ask if they offer the option of giving birth in the bath. If your hospital does not have this option yourself, you can always ask if you can take the bath yourself. There are enough women who have done this because they really wanted to give birth in the bath! Talk to your midwife immediately.

Give birth in bad cons

It sounds like a mega relaxed way to give birth, but unfortunately there are a few drawbacks. So you have to arrange things and of course there are extra costs involved. You also need to have the space for such a childbirth bath.

You also have to plan well. You can only take a bath when you have access (about 4 to 5 centimeters) and you can not lie in it all the time. Bear in mind that the bath will take about 1.5 to 1.5 hours. Finally, there is always a chance that you will have to go to the hospital in the heat of the fight because of complications. You have to say goodbye to your child in the bath and that can be pretty disappointing.

Give birth in bath costs

When you rent a bath you get it for about 5 weeks. These 5 weeks start from the 37th week of your pregnancy to week 42. The level of the rent is the model you have, but you can count on about 100 to 300 euros. Check with your health insurance first if it is covered!

Give birth in bath experiences

Most of the experiences of women who have given birth in the bath are positive.The warm water really helps to ease the pain and relax. Weightlessness also contributes to this. Because you are comfortable in the bath you also feel that you have a bit more privacy. You already have that when your partner can join you. Then it seems like you are two of us.

What women also indicate is that they have left little injury to their childbirth in the bath, so no or few stitches. It also seems that most babies have come to the world very quietly and peacefully during a babybirth. So it is definitely worth a consideration!

Give birth in a bath movie

Hearing and reading everything about giving birth in a bath is fun, but seeing is of course something else! That's why here a video!

Also watch this special delivery video of mothers who are holding their baby for the first time

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