37 Weeks pregnant

As soon as you are 37 weeks pregnant you reach another milestone. From now on your baby is fully mature. He or she is now as big as a chard (46.5 centimeters) and weighs 3100 grams. The fact that your baby is now fully mature means that the chances of giving birth will increase. Usually your baby will still be sitting for a few weeks, especially if this is your first baby. From now on you can also give birth at home. Your baby can in fact be brought healthy to the world from now on!

Your baby continues to exercise

Now that your baby has to start living in the 'real world', he or she tries to practice as much as possible. In this way, he practices breathing by continually breathing in and out of amniotic fluid. He is also busy trying to get sucked by sucking a lot on his or her thumb. Breathing and sucking are two skills that are essential after birth. So it is good that this is practiced!

37 Weeks pregnant: Loss of mucus plug

Your uterus is closed during pregnancy by a mucus plug. In this way, infections and dangers from outside can not reach your child. Now that you have been 37 weeks pregnant, the end is almost in sight. Many women will already lose this mucus for several days or even weeks before delivery. Sometimes the gag comes out at once, sometimes little by little. This can take a few weeks. You see small slime mucus with a bit of blood.

37 weeks pregnant: Do you already have all the stuff in the house of the baby set-up?

If you notice this, you do not have to make an alarm immediately, because it can sometimes take a few weeks before the birth starts. You can tell your midwife at the next check that you have lost or are losing the mucus plug. Incidentally, not every woman loses the mucus plug. So if you have not noticed anything until you have given birth, there is nothing to worry about.

Take enough rest

With 37 weeks pregnant, your delivery is really almost there. It is now really important that you take as much rest as possible. You are going to have a pretty tough time. Not only can your childbirth be very exhausting, you will not have a good night's rest even after a long period of time. So enjoy the peace!

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