These are the best free baby boxes!

If you are pregnant or if your child is born, you can request free baby boxes or maternity boxes from a number of providers. In these boxes are several things such as bottles, magazines, teat, diapers, ankle, cream and so on. It differs a bit with which provider you order the baby box. Do you also want free and fun stuff? Then read here where you have the cutest free baby boxes can order. But before you let go: also read the disadvantages of free baby boxes.

Why are there free baby boxes?

There is of course a reason why there are free baby boxes and pregnancy boxes available. Because let's face it: the sun goes up for nothing.

First, many companies see you as a potential customer. They would like to introduce you to their products and therefore put them in the box. Secondly, you will find many advertising leaflets in the box. Thirdly, you often have to pick up the box in the store. Now that you're in the store, you might also want to buy some other things right away. And finally: if you request a free baby box, you must leave your contact details. The company can therefore easily send you offers in the future.

  • The joyful box of WE

    One of the best-known free baby boxes is WIJ's joyful box. This box is completely free and can be picked up in a Prénatal in your area. There are some nice products such as diapers, socks and a Philips Avent bottle. In addition, you receive free the WIJ magazine and another special of the magazine. During your pregnancy you can get nice updates via the mail. Did you give birth? Pass it on and you'll receive a cute blue or pink cap with the name of your baby sent home.

  • Parents of Nu pregnancy box

    The free baby boxes of Ouders van Nu are also well known and popular. Ouders van Nu is a magazine aimed at parents. There are 4 magazines in the box, including Kek Mama and 2 x an Ouders van Nu. In addition, there are nice things such as cream against stretch marks, diapers, teat, ointment for the legs and a Jilz with 0% alcohol. The parents of Nu Pregnancy Box can be picked up in the nearest Etos.

  • Kiekeboebox of the PLUS

    In the Kiekeboebox of the PLUS you can find lots of useful products for your baby and for the maternity period. If you already receive the folder from PLUS at home and your baby will be 2 months later, you can request the Kiekeboebox completely free of charge.

  • Kruidvat Joyful baby benefit bag

    At the Kruidvat you can request the Happy Baby Benefit bag completely free of charge. This bag is filled with incredibly handy stuff. Of course you can also keep the cheerful advantage bag. The bag includes Kruidvat diapers, washing gel for the baby, lotion wipes and free sticker sheet. If you want to register for the advantage bag, you must have an activated discount card.

  • Free Baby package from Jan Linders

    The free baby package of the Jan Linders can be requested within two weeks after the birth of your little one. You can do this via the application form on the website of Jan Linders. What is in the box is another surprise.

  • Welcome to the World package of Hoogvliet

    Has your little one been born? Pass it on to Hoogvliet and you will receive a Welcome to the World package worth 30 euros. It contains free baby stuff, a cuddly toy and nice gifts.

  • Hello Mama Baby package

    The baby box of the Jumbo consists of two parts. During your pregnancy you can apply for the Hello Mom Moments book. A very nice book to keep track of all the special moments of your pregnancy and motherhood. Has your baby been born at last? Then you get a free baby box from the Jumbo. This is a nice storage box with handy stuff for the baby, dad and mom. You can request the storage box by filling in the form on the website within 3 months after the birth of your baby.

  • Magazine and free gift pack from Baby-Dump

    Baby Dump is a very handy store if you have to buy baby stuff. In the magazine of Baby-Dump you can take a look at what stuff they have. If you request the magazine you will immediately receive a nice gift package with items for your baby.

  • Free baby box: The Pink Box

    Do you live in Belgium? Then you can sign up for De Roze Doos. When you sign up you will receive samples of well-known products that you can try. Think of test packages from famous baby brands such as Pampers and Nutricia.

  • Babydoos AH

    The Albert Heijn does not offer free baby boxes, but of course they offer something. If you go to the Albert Heijn and show your birth announcement, you can get 2 rolls of biscuit and a pack of mice (of course in the right color). First check with your local AH if they offer this promotion, not every branch does.

  • Babydoos Hema

    Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you: the Hema has no baby box on offer. Of course you can buy a lot of baby stuff at the Hema for a reasonably reasonable price. The Hema is also a good place to purchase items for the baby set-out list.

  • Super convenient! All Zwitsal stuff at once in the house!

  • Free baby box Zwitsal, starter box

    Finally, the baby's box from Zwitsal also called the starter box. This box contains lots of handy, fine and fun Swiss stuff especially for your baby. Think of hair lotion, bath oil, wipes lotion, soft cream, shampoo, zinc ointment, soap-free wash cream and a wooden brush and comb. Unfortunately, this super fine box is not free. You can buy it for a considerable discount at and some other providers.

Foundation baby stuff

Free baby boxes are fun.What is fun and feels very good is to hand over baby stuff to families who have less money to spend. You can contact Stichting Babyspullen for this. Of all the things they receive, they also make free baby boxes especially for families with less financial space. If you want to donate stuff or request a free baby box, then look here.

Keep this in mind with free baby boxes

It all sounds super fun, those free baby boxes, but there is a small snag. As previously indicated, you do not get everything just for nothing. When you sign up for free baby boxes you have to enter a number of details. Such as your name, address, e-mail address, calculated date and your own date of birth. Then you have to check the conditions for agreement. But what do you actually sign for?

When I signed up for the Happy Box and the box from Ouders van Nu, I suddenly received mail from baby shops in the area. For a long time I asked myself how those people were coming to my address for god's sake. Now I know: through the free baby boxes!

If you agree with the terms, you agree to share your information with other companies that want you as a customer. This can sometimes be a proper laundry list. The companies keep an eye on everything and know exactly when you are calculated and in which phase of life you are. They can then respond to this conveniently by sending you advertising by mail or e-mail. Think of fun outings for your children.

Do you want to do something about this? Then read these steps from the consumer union.

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