Tips for healthy snacking during pregnancy

Maybe you manage to eat healthy during the day. You are very proud of yourself. But in the evenings on the couch your hands almost itch and you feel uneasy. You fancy something tasty! Maybe you can hold yourself the first hour, but 2 hours later there is an empty roll of cookies next to you on the couch. Or a bag of chips, or sweets ... If you still want to snack in the evening then go for it healthy snacking during pregnancy instead of the less healthy snacks? Here I have some healthy snacks for you!

Why do we want to snack in the evening?

I've said it before: your pregnancy is no excuse for eating too much and unhealthy. Of course you do not have to go on a diet, but you really do not want to cram yourself uncontrollably. Because the more you arrive, the longer it takes before it is finished.

Often people manage to eat healthy during the day. It is precisely the evenings that make it difficult. You sit on the couch and the only thing you think about is a tasty snack. Why is it that we snack most in the evening? Well: here are several (best logical) reasons for this.

Reasons for snacking in the evening:

  • You are bored: it is very common for people to eat when they get bored. If you are busy with work and other activities throughout the day, you do not have much time to think about food. But in the evening on the couch, you start to bore yourself a little bit and then you sometimes automatically think of eating.
  • It is a habit: habits are very dangerous if you want to pay attention to your weight. And then of course I am talking about bad habits. Sometimes, without you realizing it, you have developed the habit of eating a cake or piece of chocolate on the couch every evening. Or toasts with chips at the weekend.

    Some habits are so ingrained that they are very difficult to get away from. Now a piece of chocolate in the evening is not bad, but a whole bar or a whole bag of chips is obviously not a good idea. The only way to tackle a bad habit is to stop cold turkey. You can do it!

  • You are hungry: Suppose you ate at 18:00, then it is not strange that you get a little hungry at 9 p.m. (or earlier). If you allow this hunger to 'build up' you will get more and more appetite for food so that you end up snacking too much.

Tips to stop unhealthy snacking during pregnancy

To stop unhealthy snacking, it is important that you know why you are going to snack. Is it boredom, or do you suffer from other emotions such as sadness, not feeling well in your skin, tension, stress or fatigue. All very normal emotions during pregnancy that can be a reason to start eating. Sometimes we feel better.

If you eat out of boredom, try to distract yourself. For example, go and read a book, do something in the household or, as far as I'm concerned, something on Social Media. After a few minutes, the urge to eat is often gone.

Is your snacking behavior in the evening not your emotions, but has it become a habit? Recognize this as a habit and try to break it through or immediately stop, or find a healthier alternative as a snack.

If you are hungry in the evening, it is fine to keep a snack every night. For example, every evening I eat my second piece of fruit and some low-fat quark. So I have something to eat, I take my hunger and I have something to do! In addition, I had to eat that piece of fruit and that curd cheese on that day anyway. And so I can snack healthy during pregnancy without eating extra.

Examples of healthy snacking during pregnancy

What you can eat later in the evening:

  1. Vegetables such as snack tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, radishes, peppers, celery. There are few kcal in vegetables, a lot of fiber (fiber saturation) and some vitamins and minerals. Cut the vegetables into strips, put them in a small bowl and you can easily 'snipe'.
    Try to eat the vegetables without a dip. Do you really want something to do, then make yourself a dip of low-fat quark, garlic, pepper and salt. You can also eat a little hummus. Pay attention to the kcal of the hummus. Do not take more than 2 tablespoons.
  2. Low-fat curd cheese: proteins are found in low-fat cottage cheese. Proteins quickly give you a feeling of fullness. If you are hungry, you can take it easy with low-fat quark. Natural curd cheese is the best, but low-fat curd with a fruit taste is also good. Make sure that there is little fat in it and no sugars are added.
  3. Healthy snacking during pregnancy does not have to be difficult when you eat these tasty alternatives.

  4. Something good from your top 3: When I was still working as a weight consultant, I always advised my clients to eat something every day that is in their top 3 of delicacies such as sweets, cookies or pretzels. The products for which I could wake you up. When you want to lose weight, it does not work to deny yourself everything. You do not keep that up and make losing weight more and more annoying.
    You can simply lose weight when you eat a piece of chocolate every day. Make sure you stay between 100-200 kcal! This means a bar of chocolate or a small bag of chips. Read the packaging to determine how much kcal your product contains.
  5. Wholegrain cracker or biscuit with lean toppings such as cottage cheese, hummus (best from the Maza brand with less salt), chicken fillet, dairy spread etc.
  6. Handful of unsalted nuts: it is good for your health to eat a small hand of unsalted nuts every day. If you have not done this earlier in the day, you can keep this delicious snack for the evening.Note: only 1 handful of unsalted nuts! There are many kilocalories in nuts, so do not eat too much.

Other healthy recipes during pregnancy

I have many more healthy recipes on such as:

  • Healthy cookies,
  • Healthy pizzas,
  • Recipe for healthy curry with fish,
  • Slankie chicken with green vegetables.

There is also a nice book for sale: Easy peasy family, packed with healthy recipes for the whole family.

As you can read, there are plenty of alternatives for healthy snacking during pregnancy! Do you have a nice healthy snack?

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