Rose gets a baby: Pregnant week 6 and 7

In the 6th and 7th week of your pregnancy, your baby starts to look a bit like a baby, but then with a tail. My little embryo has grown from a sesame seed to a pea in these few weeks. Still incredibly small, but what is already developing a lot! Think of the organs, arms, hands, legs, spinal cord and go on. But that is not the only thing that grows, the number of pregnancy hormones is growing and not only ...

Week 6: So, what are your breasts grown!

"So, what are your breasts grown!" My husband exclaimed when I stood in front of me to dress. I looked down at my breasts that now looked like blown up balloons. 'Jaahhh' I answered annoyed while I was pushing them in my bra 'I can see that myself'. Or even worse: I feel that myself, because my balloons were tense.

Sometimes I even have moments when I feel stitches which is a sign to me that they are getting bigger. It really does not take long or I can wear pregnancy bras. I almost feel like it, because those braces in my bra feel less and less pleasant. Yet I still postpone that moment.

I myself have the feeling that I, as Lola Ferrari, go through life because of those balloons from me, but it turns out that clothes can not be seen that way. In any case: my mother said it did not stand out. Anyway, that's what my mother says. I do not know if my dear mom is a reliable source.

Mothers always protect you, especially against things that you do not like about yourself.

Sleep as the best

I've been sleeping like the best since this week. I sleep through my alarm clock every morning. Sometimes that thing goes off for half an hour or even worse: my alarm clock gives it up and stops all by itself. It is hopeless.

I am super happy that I work at home and determine my own working hours. Otherwise I was probably fired. The times that I got up around 6.15 am are really over. I just can not do that anymore. So my morning starts later. With a bit of luck, I'll be standing next to my bed around 7:00. At the earliest. Usually 7.30 hours.

Besides the fact that I can hardly get out of bed in the morning, I also feel tired and lifeless during the day. I think that is actually the most annoying. I write texts all day and have to read a lot. Reading and writing is absolutely not easy when you are tired and your eyes always close.
Yet I save myself and besides: I CAN NOT SEE BECAUSE I AM WELL PREGNANT !!

Week 7: Pee, pee, pee

From week 7 of the pregnancy your uterus starts to grow. Because your uterus does not yet grow up (only from week 12) all other organs down there need to make room.

This means that your uterus will press your bladder. Consequence: you have to go to the toilet more often and I noticed that. Some nights I have to go 6 times to the toilet to urinate! At one point I even thought I had a bladder infection. Every time I had just peed, I immediately had to. 'Rinse well' was the advice of my father. With good rinsing, he meant: drinking a lot.

Drink a lot ... Pfff, drink a lot more often and it was evening already. So I settled in on a night's toilet. Fortunately it was not so bad and I had to go to the toilet a little less often the next day. But it keeps changing. Sometimes I have to do very often, sometimes I only have to go out three times at night. Three times out to urinate is very little for me now. Staying in bed all night long is not there anymore.

"Can you practice for later," said my mother. 'Thanks!'

Such a sense to eat!

A new incident in this week is that I constantly feel like eating. I must really restrain myself not to eat the whole stock of "healthy bars" of my husband. You know about those Eat natural bars or gingerbread bars. Delicious.

I also go hungry all day. Even if I just put 3 sandwiches in my mouth, I'm still hungry. Sometimes I feel like a junky when I catch myself out that I'm scurrying around the kitchen for the umpteenth time with a big appetite. I just manage to keep myself in check.

Only not if I have to go shopping. Because yes ...: hello temptation! I can not compete with that as a hungry pregnant woman. So every time I went to the supermarket it's a lot of healthy shopping for my husband and one super tasty chocolate bar for Roos. There has to be a difference!

First ultrasound

This week my husband and I get the first echo1 I am looking forward to it on the one hand and on the other hand I look very happy with it. Somewhere I am afraid of the possible disappointment that is coming.

The disappointment that destroys dreams and makes hope evaporate: another miscarriage.

I try to think as little as possible. I focus on the positive things, because even though I am more nauseated and I run to the bathroom every hour: I have real pregnancy symptoms and that is a good sign. I did not have that the first time and it was indeed wrong.

That's why I straighten my back, I take away the fears and say to myself that it does not make sense to be sad about something you do not know at all. There is no point in being afraid of something that is possible. Because it can also be different. It can also be good and that's what I'm going to do this time. Next time I will tell you about my first ultrasound!

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