30 weeks pregnant

You're already again 30 weeks pregnant. The countdown can really start now! Your baby has grown again and now has a length of 38 centimeters. This is similar to a cucumber! The weight has slowly increased to 1300 grams.

The development of the brain is still ongoing and your child is getting more brain tissue. From now until about the moment you are 32 weeks pregnant, your child can already lie in the right position (with the head down). If you notice that this is not yet the case, then you do not have to worry yourself. Your baby can still lie down well.

30 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

No more down hairs

Your child kept himself warm thanks to many downy hairs on his or her body. Now that you are 30 weeks pregnant, your baby has already developed enough fat that can take over this function. The down hairs will let go and float around in the amniotic fluid. Because your baby drinks the amniotic fluid, he or she will receive these downy hairs. But that is precisely the intention. Because the downy hairs end up in the intestines, they are trained a bit for later.

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30 Weeks pregnant: again stomach acid

Maybe you thought for a moment that you were rid of stomach acid, but then we have bad news. Women who are 30 weeks pregnant may again experience a burning sensation in the throat. Your pregnancy hormones are preparing you for the delivery.

They do so by relaxing your muscles and also the muscles that are active in your digestion. Digestive juices can now rise and be pushed up extra by your uterus and your baby. This gives a burning sensation in the throat. It is best to still take small meals that are not too spicy or heavy on the stomach.

Clean up anger and nesting

Maybe you already had a great need to clean up, this can now be thirty weeks pregnant. This need is driven by the primal instinct. You want your nest to be as clean as possible for your little shoot. You can also see this primal instinct in other mammals.

You can at least calmly go ahead with your nesting, but keep in mind that lifting heavy items is not very beneficial for your body. Leave that job to your partner.

Blood pricks

In women who 30 weeks pregnant there are blood pricked around this time. The midwife or gynecologist will then check whether your blood produces antibodies that are not beneficial for your baby. It is not very common, but some women have a negative rhesus factor while their baby has a positive rhesus factor. This can cause anemia in your baby. If this is the case, you will get a syringe that stops your production of antibodies.

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