Increase chances of twins, you do so!

For example, if you want to have two children, it is almost ideal if you immediately get twins. Of course it will be a lot of effort, but you will be ready at once. The children are also the same age, so you do not have to worry about a too big age difference. And as a last advantage: you can buy nice matching clothes! Do you really want twins? Then read this blog how to do a little bit of the chance of a twin can!

Factors that increase the chance of twins

There are a number of factors that increase the chances of twins that you actually have no influence on. Yet it is of course nice to know this!

  • Genetic predisposition

    Will there be twins in your family? Or is this the case in your partner's family? Then the chance that you get twins is already greater.

  • Your origin

    Researchers can not explain it yet, but it seems that your origin also plays a role in the chance of twins. For people who come from Western Europe (including Dutch) the chance of twins is 1 in 60. Africans or at least people from Nigeria are more likely to have twins, namely 1 in 20-30. People from South Asia have very little chance of twins.

  • IVF treatment

    If you are unable to get children through the natural way, you can consider an IVF treatment. With this fertility treatment the chance of twins is the greatest. Your body gets hormones to stimulate ovulation, the chances are that two eggs are fertilized.

  • Characteristics of the mother

    Certain characteristics of the mother can also increase the chance of twins, namely:

    • Age of the mother

      As a woman gets older, the ovaries start to work differently. After about your 35th your body can sometimes release more than one egg per month. The disadvantage is that your fertility also decreases as you get older.

    • Amount of children you have

      It is strange but true: the more children you already have, the greater the chance of becoming twins. And maybe you're not just waiting for it. The reason why you are more likely is because you are likely to be very fertile and your body will 'dare' twins.

Tips for getting twins

Finally, we have a few tips for you that may contribute to the pregnancy of twins.

  • To breastfeed: Okay it only works if you already have a baby, but it seems that breastfeeding women are more likely to have twins if they become pregnant again. It even seems that the probability is 9 times greater. The cause probably lies with the hormone prolactin. The only question is whether you are ready for twins at that moment because your previous delivery is probably still fresh in the memory.
  • Healthy food: Women who eat healthy and have a healthy weight (rather too heavy) can have a greater chance of twins. So eat enough nutrition per day and take your vitamins (especially folic acid).
  • Eat enough healthy fats and meat: Women who eat low fat, vegan or vegetarian can have a smaller chance of having a multiple birth. Make sure that you get enough healthy fats.

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