Good exercises during pregnancy

In the meantime I have been pregnant for almost 29 weeks and am still making sure that I am getting enough exercise. I exchange cardio with light strength training. Not only because I want to stay fit, but also because some good exercises during pregnancy just be very healthy to do. Which exercises are these? You read it here!

Sports schedule pregnant

A lot of information, or specific sports schedules to follow during your pregnancy are not there. In any case: I can not find them. We are probably cautious about that, because as a pregnant woman you should not just go blazing hard during pregnancy. Especially not if you were not very sporty for your pregnancy. Did you exercise a lot before your pregnancy, then you can continue this first trimester anyway. From your second trimester you have to do a number of things:

  • Do not do exercises from your second trimester where you have to lie on the floor for a long time.
  • Do not train your straight abdominal muscles anymore from the second trimester. Oblique abdominal muscles can.
  • Do not jump anymore from your second trimester and train very intensively (that you are out of breath)
  • Do not exercise faster than before your pregnancy. The point now is that you maintain your fitness and strength, you do not have to improve it.
  • Do not play sports or exercises where you can fall or become unbalanced.
  • Give your body enough time to recover, so prefer sport every other day.
  • Do not train with very heavy weights
  • Do not do exercises where you have to lift the weight over your head because otherwise you have to load your spine too much.

Do you do your good exercises during pregnancy at home or just in the gym?

Good exercises during pregnancy for the home

Whether you are really going to exercise or not: it is really important to keep moving during (but also after) your pregnancy. Actually, all movement is good, but some exercises are extra good exercises during pregnancy. And the fun is: you can just do it at home!

  • Squats:

    The squat is a very good exercise to do to train your legs. For your delivery and your general fitness, it is important to keep your legs strong. You can simply perform a squat with your own body weight, but you can also take some weight with it.

  • Lunge:

    Lunges are also a great way to train your legs!

  • Sumo squat:

    A sumo squat looks like an ordinary squat, but this exercise is especially good for the inside of your legs.

  • Tricep dips and bicep curls:

    strong arms are certainly not a luxury and after your birth you will really be with it. Especially if you have to hold your child for a long time. That's why: train those little arms! For bicep curls you do need weights or training bands.

  • Shelf and Side shelf:

    You can not train your right abdominal muscles, but a plank may be allowed! This is very good to keep your abs and core strong.

  • Clams:

    In addition to training your legs, your buttocks can also stay nice and work. A good exercise is Clams. If you want extra resistance, you can use small resistance bands and slide them around your upper legs.

  • Modified superman:

    This exercise is good for tightening your core.

Pregnant & Fit during pregnancy is a DVD full of good exercises during pregnancy.

Training schedule with exercises during pregnancy

Would you like to get started, then you can make a small workout from the above exercises. Below a training schedule with the exercises:

  • 12 Squats.
  • Twelve times triceps dips
  • 12 Sumo squats
  • Twelve times a modified superman (R & L, so 24 in total).
  • 12 Clams (R & L, so 24 in total).
  • 12 Bicep curls.

Do these exercises immediately after each other. After one round you rest for 1 minute. Then you repeat all exercises. In total you do 3 to 4 rounds. If it is easy for you, try adding some weight or using resistance bands. Resistance bands or training bands are a very good investment if you want a stronger body.

Do you want to follow other nice workouts during pregnancy? Then read here some training schedules for pregnant women.

Good luck with all these good exercises during pregnancy!

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