Early pregnancy test: do or not do?

Before I finally got the redeeming answer that I was really pregnant (which I myself already knew a long time ago) I did an early pregnancy test several times. That is a test that is hCG more sensitive than most other pregnancy tests. This means you do not have to wait until the day that you are overdue, but you can test a few days before.

Peeing a rod early on seems ideal: you do not have to spend less time in tension. Ideal right? Well in my eyes not. My tip is: never do one early pregnancy test. And I'm going to explain to you why.

Reason 1: You do not believe a negative result

I did my first early pregnancy test much too soon, but I just could not wait. I felt sick and that was very abnormal for me. I am never nauseous. Never really. I did the test and it was negative. And if your early pregnancy test is negative, while you really thought that this time it was hit then you go through a mallemolen of emotions.

You are disappointed, sad, but the worst is: you do not believe the results of the test. And that, dear ladies, is the great danger of a pregnancy test to do too early. Because if the result is negative, you quickly think: 'Maybe I was just too early and the test was not able to measure it properly. I'll just try again in a couple of days'. This is called denial and false hope. Very bad for you. Especially when it turns out that you really were not pregnant.

Early test does not do reason 2: Double as much disappointment

Imagine that you are not pregnant and you are doing an early test and this is negative. Then you bale like a plug. Believe me: 'I've been there.' But since you do not believe the result (because you think you were a little too early), you will do a pregnancy test a few days later.

And that is negative again and so you are again disappointed and sad. So you embarrass yourself twice and that is unnecessary. If you had just waited, you would only once have been sad and disappointed. Not nice either, but at least you would have spent less on it.

Reason 3: Packaging an early pregnancy test is misleading

Another big reason not to do an early pregnancy test is because the packaging is misleading. I can get so angry about it that I would send an angry letter. The manufacturers want you to buy their test so they promise you that you can do the test very early. By way of after the day on which you have had community.

Women with children's desire are sensitive to this. They do not want to wait until the day that they have to be menstruated. They want to know now if they are pregnant. But if you take the instructions for use, you see that you can indeed do the test (for example) 6 days earlier, but that the result is not so reliable. If you want to be 99% sure whether you are pregnant or not, you still have to wait a few days until the day when your period is about to be almost there.
So pay close attention to this before you buy such a test in all your enthusiasm. It's all about the fine print.

Reason 4: The more pricked your pregnancy is, the greater the chance of a miscarriage

Did you know that the number of miscarriages has increased considerably compared to the past? That is not because we now have more miscarriages than before. That is because we now know that we are pregnant and have had a miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen early in your pregnancy.

Previously, women only knew that they were pregnant if they were well over time. It may well be that a number of them were pregnant for a short while, but got a miscarriage. They did not realize this. After all, they were just a period, perhaps a bit later than normal. With the pregnancy tests of today we can always find out if we are pregnant, so that's why we also get more miscarriages with it.

And I wonder if you always want to know that. Were we not rather left in the dark? What do you think?

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