Pregnancy and a flu-like feeling

A pregnancy can be accompanied by a lot of pregnancy ailments. This can sometimes be difficult enough. Pregnancy and a flu-like feeling is something that some women also have to deal with. How is this actually? What can you do about it and most importantly: is it harmful for the baby? We have figured out how pregnant and flu is!

Flu-like early pregnancy

Do you feel flu and have you just found out that you are pregnant? But do not worry: pregnancy and a flu-like feeling is quite common, even in the beginning of the pregnancy. Or maybe especially in the beginning of the pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones are running through your body and your whole body is upset. You are tired, your breasts start to hurt and you may also hang over the toilet regularly.

A flu-like feeling can then also recover. Sometimes that's a bit of a part of your pregnancy, but usually you have a virus. The resistance is slightly reduced in pregnant women. That is because the most help goes to your child. For that reason you are more susceptible to a flu.

Flu-like feeling at the end of pregnancy

In the third trimester the pregnancy ailments return a bit. Think of fatigue, stomach acid and tired muscles. In addition, you may suffer from Braxton-Hick contractions, shortness of breath, cramps and cystitis. The closer you come to the calculated date, the more exciting everything becomes.

It can happen that in those last weeks you suffer from pregnancy and a flu-like feeling. Your body is probably tired and therefore more susceptible to a virus. But sometimes it can also look like a flu while it is something else. Therefore always call your midwife to be sure if you do not feel well. You can then explain well what you experience and receive appropriate advice.

Pregnant and flu symptoms

Flu mainly occurs in autumn and winter and is often combined with a bad cold. In addition, you feel very rickety and tired.

Other symptoms of flu:

  • Fever or increase (your body temperature is higher than 37 degrees).
  • Cold shivers.
  • Sore throat or raw throat.
  • Headache.
  • Pressure on your forehead.
  • Muscle pain that is felt throughout your body.
  • Cough.
  • Feeling yourself weak.
  • Running nose.

Flu can last a week to two weeks. After this, you may feel weaker for a week or more weeks.

Is flu dangerous during pregnancy?

Fortunately, it is not harmful for the baby if you have flu during your pregnancy. In fact, your child even gets good antibodies. Only when you get a high fever (body temperature of 38.5 degrees or higher) can it become dangerous. That way you can get contractions or it can harm your child. So immediately contact your doctor.

What to do in case of pregnancy and a flu-like feeling?

Are you ill? The first thing you have to do is: take a rest. That is the most important. Beside:

  • Make sure you get enough moisture (1.5 to 2 liters).
  • At high fever you may take fever-reducing medicines such as paracetamol. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen these painkillers can be dangerous for your unborn baby.
  • Lie down in a lukewarm bath or take a lukewarm shower so that your body can cool down.
  • Wear airy clothing so that you can lose the heat.
  • Try to eat as healthy as possible (if you can get it), such as a lot of vegetables, fruit and wholemeal products. There are many vitamins and minerals here. You also need energy to strengthen.
  • Regularly ventilate the bedroom or room in which you are staying.

Prevent flu

A flu is caused by the influenza virus. This virus is spread from person to person through the saliva or touches. In order not to come into contact with the virus, you can do the following:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Ventilate your house regularly.
  • Do you have to cough or sneeze? Use a tissue paper and throw it away. Let this also do the other members of your household.
  • Try to touch your nose or mouth as little as possible.
  • Eat healthy, varied and sufficient. Take a look at the website of the nutrition center, for example, what you need to stay healthy.
  • Clean door handles, keyboards and other objects that are frequently touched regularly.

Confident for the uncertain? Choose the flu shot!

Do you want to avoid pregnancy and a flu-like feeling? Then take a flu shot. The flu shot is completely harmless for pregnant women and may be requested by anyone. Some women with a medical condition are allowed to take a flu shot free of charge. But most ladies will really have to pay for it themselves. Or maybe your health insurance covers this or you have an employer who thinks the flu shot is a very good idea.

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