Nutritional postures while feeding the baby

There is a very nice statement: you have breastfeeding, you need to learn how to breastfeed. No brand new mother can breastfeed immediately in the right way. You are inexperienced yourself, but do not forget that your baby also has to get used to it. In the beginning it will therefore be a good search for nutritional positions that work best for you and your baby. Fortunately, there are many nutritional postures that you can try together. This applies to breastfeeding, but also to bottle feeding!

Food positions with a feeding cushion

At certain feeding positions, it is good to use a feeding cushion as extra support.

Food positions with feeding pad:

  1. Madonna attitude:

    One of the most well-known food attitude is the Madonna attitude. This attitude is named after the way in which Mary was shown nurturing. The mother is upright in this feeding posture. Your baby is lying on the side with the belly against you. The body lies on your forearm and hand. You can best support your forearm with a (feeding) pillow.

    The hips and shoulders are aligned. Your baby's upper lip is at the level of your nipple. Take care that you bring your baby to you and do not bend over, that is really disastrous for your back.

  2. Baker or ruby โ€‹โ€‹attitude:

    The baker or rugby attitude is also a sitting feeding posture. Use a feeding pillow with this posture. Your baby lies with the legs under the arm of the mother. Make sure that the ears, shoulders and hip are aligned. The belly of your baby is against your side and the face is turned towards you. Then you support the head and neck with your hand and the back with the forearm. The legs of your little one are now slanted backwards.

  3. Extended baker attitude:

    If you have your child in the normal baker or rugby position and you shift through your belly to the other breast, your baby is in the baker's position. Your baby's legs are under your arm against your side.

Snoozzzz, chosen by many mothers and pregnant women as the finest feeding pillow:

Feeding positions breastfeeding

Other nutritional postures that you can take if you are breastfeeding.

  1. Sitting upright: In this position you sit upright or you lean back slightly. Your baby is also sitting or lying upright against your belly or chest. If your baby is still young, support the head with your hand. Actually, this attitude is especially ideal for older children who can keep their heads upright themselves.
  2. Side position: In this position you lie on your side as a mother, your head on a pillow. Put your arm on which you lie under your head so that it does not get in the way. Your baby is also lying on the side, close to you. Your baby's lower lip is located near your nipple. Your baby drinks from the breast that kind of lies on the bed. This attitude is very pleasant when you are tired.

Leaning backwards

One of the most relaxed postures of all dietary postures is feeding backwards or leaning back. There are experts who claim that this attitude is also the most natural attitude. It is also a nice attitude if you are a scholarship or have had a caesarean section. This way you can be in this position:

  • Sit back and relax on your bed or couch. The most convenient thing is to keep both breasts exposed, but that is of course not necessary.
  • Put your baby on your upper body with the front of your little one against your front.
  • Your baby can now lie down just as he or she wants. Gravity ensures that your child stays on your body, so you do not have to support your child.
  • Make sure your baby's cheek is near your chest.
  • Then let your baby search for your breast yourself, he will take off with his feet against your belly to get to the right place. If it's okay, your child will find your breast and take a big bite. Especially that big bite is very important. So make sure that this is the case.

Nutritional bottle feeding

Good nutritional postures are not only important for breastfeeding, also in bottle feeding. You obviously do not want neck, back or shoulder complaints by feeding.

The most common way to bottle-feed is that you take your baby in your arm. The head is in your elbow cavity. Always make sure there is a feeding cushion or handrail under your arm for support. Also make sure that your shoulders are relaxed. You can also keep your arm straight in this position. Your baby does not lean on your arm, but on your stomach and thighs. This attitude costs slightly less power.

Two other relaxed nutritional positions for bottle feeding:

  1. Put your child on the side on your thighs. If possible, put your feet on an elevation so that your baby with the head is higher than the feet. Your baby lies on his ears at your knees and the butt is against your belly. In this position, the bottle will not go completely empty.
  2. Another good feeding posture for your baby who would otherwise not want to drink, is to put your baby on your thighs while you raise your feet high. Your feet are at the same height as your seat. Put your baby on the back and the head is at your knees. You can look at your baby.

Do you know any nutritional positions that can be added to this list, let me know!

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