On babymoon, the last vacation without baby!

If you are pregnant for the first time, you may realize in one go that you will no longer be with the two of you, but with the three of you. A lot is going to change. You will experience many new adventures and also have to say goodbye to some other activities. Like a wonderful holiday with two. That is no longer going to happen in the coming years. Many couples therefore choose to take a break for the delivery. This trip is also called babymoon named: the last holiday without a baby. Sounds good right? Yet there are a few things that you have to pay attention to!

Babymoon tips

One more time on vacation before the baby is there. That sounds great after all? Do you also want to take the rush for a delicious baby icon? Please pay attention to the following points!

  • Do not go too late in your pregnancy! There are regularly couples who go on holiday too late and give birth abroad. That is quite a hassle and can cost a lot of money. You can really avoid this. Do not go in the third trimester, because your baby can also be born prematurely. If you go choose your first trimester if you suffer from pregnancy ailments or in your second trimester.
  • Do not go too far away! Sitting in the plane for a long time when you are pregnant is really not nice. It is therefore better to go on holiday in Europe with two or to a destination that is only a few hours flying.
  • Go to countries with good medical facilities. You should not do a survival tour in the jungle during your pregnancy. If something happens, you do not have good hospitals around you. Therefore avoid third world countries, North Africa, South America or for example Thailand.
  • With your baby icon you can best play completely safe!

  • Find out where the nearest hospital is.
  • Relax on holiday: A busy and stressful program is not so good for the baby. And besides that, it is better not to look for dangerous heights or tear off the slopes at full speed during your second trimester. Diving can also be better. Read more about sports during pregnancy here.
  • Choose comfort: Now that you are pregnant, you have a great excuse to go for a nice luxury vacation with two people in which you can enjoy a lot of comfort, a good bed and a healthy diet.
  • Watch for pregnancy mask: If you enjoy the sun, do not forget to apply daily with a high factor. This way you can prevent a pregnancy mask (dark spots in your face).

Babymoon destinations

Fun and good destinations to go for your baby icon:

  • Ibiza

    If you want to relax, then go to Ibiza. Here they have many nice beach clubs where you can score the most delicious mocktails. If you do not want to go in the middle of the festive season, do not go in the months of May to September.

  • Canary Islands

    The Canary Islands are a beautiful holiday destination all year round where you can enjoy the sun. The advantage is that they are not far away! You are on location in just 4.5 hours of flying!
    Which island are you going to choose? Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, La Palma, El Hierro or La Gomera? Tenerife and Gran Canaria are very touristy and can be quite busy. If you want to find more peace and quiet, Lanzarote might be a better option.

  • Sicily

    Enjoy delicious Italian food, rugged nature, beautiful beaches and culture in Sicily!

  • Andalusia

    In Andalusia it is always nice weather, all year round! You have beautiful cities and beautiful beaches here.

  • Algarve

    Also such a nice place to go. Here you can relax and enjoy space and sun.

In addition to beautiful destinations, you can also opt for babymoon holidays set up by holiday agencies. Yes, you read that right! There are serious babymoon holidays! Think of a wonderful holiday in a luxury resort (adults only!). What can also be very nice is to make a cruise sometime! Take a look at the internet and maybe you'll run into nice babymoon offers!

Watch the babymoon with the destination

We have already mentioned it a little bit with the tips: not every location is suitable for a baby icon. Think of countries with few medical facilities. Always make sure that there is a hospital nearby and it may be useful if the emergency services speak English. Also check whether you cover healthcare insurance abroad.

Some tropical countries are already in advance. For example, you may not have some vaccinations if you are pregnant. Do not then also go to countries where malaria or the Zika virus prevails.

Babymoon weekend

If you find it too scary to go on holiday abroad, you can of course also plan a baby weekend. How about a visit to our southern neighbors? For example a weekend in Brussels or Antwerp? Or maybe you want to relax in the Ardennes? Copenhagen in Denmark is also a great location to relax and enjoy delicious culinary delights.

Of course you do not even have to go abroad! You can also enjoy a weekend at the Dutch coast! Keep an eye on the weather and immediately plan something if you see the temperatures go up. You can also go to the Wadden Islands or just surround yourself in luxury during the baby in a nice hotel in the Netherlands.

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