Some nutrition tips for during pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congrats! It is going to be a wonderful period, but sometimes also just bite as your hormones can sometimes go awry. During your pregnancy it is important to consciously deal with your diet. There are many things that you can continue to eat and drink, but you can avoid some ingredients or dishes during pregnancy. They can carry certain bacteria and thus pose a risk to your baby. Of course we want the pregnancy to be such a nice possible period, so here's some nutrition tips for during pregnancy.

  • Feeding tip 1: Fish

    You avoid eating raw and cold smoked fish. Fresh salmon and canned salmon are no problem at all. So if you fancy a salmon sandwich or a salmon burger, you can just enjoy it. Make sure that the salmon is very fresh or comes from a can. Salmon from canned is heat-treated and therefore carries no risk of certain bacteria. Cooked shrimps and mussels are also still safe.

    Are you a sushi lover? Ai, you will have to bite the teeth for the next nine months, since sushi contains raw fish and you often do not know how fresh this fish is. Good news is that there are several sushi variants without fish. It is certainly healthy to keep eating fish during pregnancy because it has important nutritional value that is good for both the baby and the mother.
    One of the better nutritional tips during pregnancy? Swap fat fish with lean fish and eat fish twice a week.

  • Food tip 2: Vegetables

    You certainly should not stop eating vegetables because vegetables are healthy! It is important to thoroughly wash the raw vegetables. If you go to a restaurant, ask for it and otherwise choose the best for cooked or baked vegetables.

  • Food tip 3: Avoid cinnamon!

    Cinnamon can be found in different dishes, such as sweet pastries and tea. Cinnamon contains the ingredient 'coumarine'. There are indirect indications that this component may have harmful effects on the baby in the abdomen. Although 'indirect indications' do not sound very serious, you can of course better take it for granted. It is therefore advisable to eat as few dishes as possible that contain cinnamon.

  • Nutritional tips for during pregnancy? Use your farmer's wit and make sure you eat varied!

  • Food tip 4: Water remains the best!

    Drinking water remains one of the best nutritional tips during pregnancy and also if you are not pregnant.
    Drinking water has many advantages: it removes waste, prevents cramps and provides stable energy. If you want to drink other drinks, do so in moderation. This way you limit the best to one cup of coffee per day, since a high dose of caffeine is not optimal for the baby.

    You can also alternate the consumption of tea and light soda with water during the day. Of tonic you better not drink more than one glass a day: it contains quinine and a high dose of quinine is not recommended for the unborn baby. Of course, alcohol is also strongly discouraged, as it only causes disadvantages.

Important to remember is what you really should not eat during pregnancy. This is raw meat, raw fish, raw milk cheese and liver. Furthermore, it is especially common sense and it is good to eat varied and enjoy delicious (but unhealthy) snacks in moderation!

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