Body signals from your baby and baby gestures

Your baby communicates a lot more with you than you might think at first. Crying is actually the last means your baby uses to indicate that he or she really wants to go to bed. If you the body signals from your baby and getting to know baby gestures, you can be crying for it.

Result: you understand your baby better, your baby can sleep better, your baby drinks better and is less easily overtired. And in addition, you also really feel like a super good parent. A win-win situation. Read all about the body signals baby and baby gestures here.

Recognize baby signals

It is therefore very important that you pay close attention to your baby. Only then can you recognize the baby's signals. You do not have to hang above the box all the time, but being alert is important. So see really what your baby is doing, what kind of movements he makes and how your baby looks.

Pair these baby gestures and body signals from your baby at the time of day and you know what your baby wants before your little one bursts into tears. Especially fatigue and hunger clearly have signals.

Body signals from your baby: What does my baby say?

When your baby is ready to leave for dreamland, your baby will not start to cry at first. Crying is a late sleep signal and it is good to be ahead of this. Therefore, pay attention to the following sleep signals:

I want to sleep:

  • Staring or glassy look
  • Grimace on the face
  • A little face buried in the chest
  • Yawn, stretch, sit on the ears, rub in the eyes
  • You no longer look at or turn away from you
  • Red cheeks or ears or just pale
  • Make clenched fists
  • Angling

I'm hungry:

Hunger signals are sometimes a little more difficult. That is because some hunger signals are similar to signs that your baby is tired. If your baby is rested and calm, these are the hunger signals:

  • Make smoky noises
  • Hand in the mouth
  • Lips or tongue sticking out
  • Make sucking movements with the tongue
  • 'Search' with the head (rotational movements)
  • Lick over the lips

Hunger signals and sleep signals that look alike

Babies do not yet have a good control over their body. Usually they show movements that are controlled by reflexes. This can confuse hunger signals with signs of fatigue or cramps. Therefore always look at the time of day and whether your baby has just slept or eaten. For example, pedaling with your feet can mean that your baby is hungry or tired. Sabbathing on the hands can also have both meanings.

Baby gestures with the hand

In addition to the hunger signals and signs of fatigue, your baby also communicates with baby gestures. Just your baby's hand can indicate in which condition your baby is.

  • Relaxed hand: with the fingers loose around the thumb, that means your baby is resting or sleeping
  • Opened hand with the fingers spread relaxed: your baby feels comfortable and grabs a bit around.
  • Relaxed nipple with thumb and forefinger outwards: your baby is anxiously waiting for what is going to happen or is ready for a game.
  • Tense hand with outstretched and spread fingers: Your baby is startled. Then try to reassure your baby
  • A thumbs up in a tight knuckle: your baby is tense, straining, hurting or angry. Try to find out what's going on and talk quietly to your baby so that he or she can relax where.
  • Fist against an averted head: your baby is tired.

Recognizing the body signals of your baby and baby gestures can help you to understand better with your baby. What are the hunger signals and sleep signals from your baby?

Communicate with body language

In order to communicate with body language, it is very important that you pay attention to your baby so that you can recognize the baby's gestures and body signals. Now you do not have to hang above the box for hours, only being alert here will take you a long way. Watch what your baby does, how your baby looks and make a link with the time of day. Communicating with body language is really worthwhile. To start with, making contact with your baby is essential. You can do this by:

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