How long can sperm survive in a woman's body?

Did you know that in a man's ejaculation about 50 to 150 million sperm cells are 'injected' into the vagina? How is it possible that only one child (apart from multiple births) comes out? Simply put: sperm cells do not have an easy time in the female body. As soon as they enter the vagina and have to cover the 'long' road to the egg, it is a true battle of the fittest. Only the strongest and smartest sperm cells make a chance. Read more about the exciting journey to the womb and how long it can take survive sperm?

Also watch the video at the bottom of the blog that shows in an amazing way how the sperm cells are attacked by the female body.

From 150 million sperm cells at the start, to 200 at the finish

Each ejaculation contains 50 to 150 million willing sperm cells that enter into the race towards the egg cell. With a speed of about 16 kilometers per hour, the sperm cells make their way from the vagina to the uterus.

Although it is only about 15 centimeters, the fastest sperm cells take 45 minutes to reach the finish. The slowest sperm cells take their time and trudge over the finish line 12 hours later.

At least: if they can achieve this because the vast majority will die on the way, get lost or disappear immediately from the vagina. Eventually only 200 sperm cells reach the egg cell and will not survive so much sperm.

The dangers on the way to the egg cell

The woman's body sees the sperm cells as intruders and will attempt to eliminate them. Although during the fertile period the woman helps a little bit to make it easier, the body is still focused on getting rid of it as much as possible. After all, there is only one egg to be fertilized, but around 150 million sperm cells that would like to take on this task.

Immediately at the beginning of the journey, most sperm is already eliminated by the woman's first line of defense. By this we mean the acid of the vagina that most sperm cells can not handle.
In addition, throwback takes place: the sperm cells are immediately expelled from the vagina. You notice this because there is sperm out of your vagina after sex.

The approximately 2 million remaining sperm cells get lost or are attacked by the second line: a type of mucus. The 1 million seeds that survive this mucus reach the uterus, but they are attacked again. This time the white blood cells of the woman switch off a large part.

Attack of the white blood cells

In the video below you can see how the white blood cells in the woman's body switch off the sperm cells.

How long can sperm survive?

With 200 man strong, the sperm cells reach the spot where the egg cell is located. But what if the egg is not there yet?
Only 1 day in the month the woman ovulation, the chances are that the sperm cells from a cold fair come home than they have won the prize.

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What will they do then? That is waiting, waiting for the egg. Unfortunately, the sperm cells are not strong enough to bivouack for weeks in the woman's body. Only 4 to a maximum of 5 days can sperm survive in the female body.

Timing is therefore essential to becoming pregnant. You can have 2 to 3 days of ovulation before you become pregnant. But if you have that before, chances are that no sperm cells survive to fertilize your egg. Then all 150 seeds have been eradicated. Fortunately, a man has millions of new soldiers ready to take the fight every day.

Together with you the task of strategically planning the attack to increase the chance of conquest. And that is: 3 to 2 days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and 1 day after!

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