Choose the best bottle warmer! What should you pay attention to?

As with all electrical products or all baby items, there are also many different types of bottle warmers available. One even more sophisticated than the other. Do you want to know which bottle warmer best suits your needs and that of your baby? Read more about this here best bottle warmer of 2018 and what they actually contribute to your household.

What do you use a bottle warmer for?

The name says it all: you use a bottle warmer to warm up the bottle of your baby. This can be a bottle with an artificial formula or a friable diet. Now I will immediately be very honest: it is not absolutely necessary to have a bottle warmer. There are also other ways to warm up a bottle. Now you might immediately think of the microwave, but that is just not the right way!

The microwave is not the best way to heat up the bottle because it does not heat the milk gradually and spread out. I think you recognize that when your food starts to warm up, you also have to stir it so that everything becomes hot and not just the bottom. In addition, nutritional value can easily be lost if you heat up in the microwave. And of course you do not want that for your baby. As soon as the milk is heated above 37 degrees, many nutrients are lost.

You could warm up bottles by keeping the bottle under the hot tap and turning it. Another way is to place the baby bottle in a bowl with hot water and turn it regularly. Make sure that the water is not too hot. What is a little tricky with these two methods is that you have to stay there, it takes some time and you do not know exactly how hot the bottle is.

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Benefits of bottle warmer

A bottle warmer is not necessarily necessary, but it is very handy. Does your baby want the bottle at a certain temperature? Then you can set it exactly at that temperature by means of the bottle warmer. In addition, the milk is heated evenly and in between you have time to do something else.

You do not have to keep an eye on the entire heating process as with the other methods of heating up. If you need to heat bottles several times a day, a bottle warmer is really nice. Since there are several variants in various price ranges, it is good to first see what is the best bottle warmer for you.

How does a bottle warmer work?

To determine what is the best bottle warmer for you, it is good to know more about it. For example, there are differences in the way the milk is heated up. These are:

  • Warm up with water

    You do a little bit of water in this bottle warmer. The water is then brought to the temperature you have chosen and pushed around the bottle. In this way the milk for your baby is heated in a gradual and uniform manner. Heating the milk for your little one in this way is preferable because almost no nutrients are lost. The disadvantage is that you have to wait a bit longer.

  • Warm up with steam

    In this bottle warmer there is a kind of small water reservoir from which steam comes and then the milk heats up. The advantage of steam is that the bottle is faster at the desired temperature. The disadvantage is that because of this, nutrients can be lost because the steam is rather hot. Another disadvantage is that the bottle is also very hot so you can not immediately get out of the bottle warmer. So you have to wait.

  • Heat pillow

    Yet another type of bottle warmer is the heating pad. This is a cloth with heating element. You tie this cloth around the baby bottle through which the milk is heated. What is handy about a heat pad is that you can easily take it anywhere. The disadvantage is that you do not know exactly how hot the milk is and you have to keep an eye on it.

How do you choose the best bottle warmer?

How can you choose the best bottle warmer? As you have read above, all bottle warmers have their advantages and disadvantages. In general, it is better to gradually warm up the milk, as is done with the bottle warmer using boiling water. The disadvantage is that you have to wait longer.

It remains your own choice and it is good to choose the best bottle warmer that fits your life. Are you often on the road, then it is convenient to choose a bottle warmer that does not work on electricity. Other things you can pay attention to:

  • Optimal nutrition for your baby: it is best to warm up the milk to 37 ° C. Not warmer. This way the vitamins can be preserved. Take a good look at whether the bottle heater can be set to this.
  • User-friendly: you do not need lots of bells and whistles to warm up a bottle, so choose a good, fast and consistent bottle warmer that you can use easily.
  • Adaptability: there are many different bottles with different shapes. Sometimes it can happen that your bottle does not fit into the bottle warmer. So pay attention to whether the bottle warmer can be adjusted to the size of each bottle.
  • Easy to carry: It is important that you can easily take the bottle warmer with you and it does not take up much space. It might also be good to see if the milk can also be heated without electricity (for example when you go on holiday by car).

Top 5 best selling bottle warmer 2018

On every bottle warmer there is something to criticize and that is why it is good to also look at what you expect from a bottle warmer. Some users indicate that it takes a long time for a bottle to warm up, or 6 minutes. This is of course quite long when your baby is crying and it is in the middle of the night.A microwave is then very tempting to use. Often it helps if the water you use is already at room temperature and does not come out of the fridge.

Another point to note is that the bottle warmer always brings the baby bottle to the right temperature. You can then leave the baby bottle in it for longer if your baby asks for food a little later. Do not expect microwave-like heating times from the best bottle warmer because then you better not buy a bottle warmer.

We have looked at the online stores for you and selected what is the most sold and best rated bottle warmer of the moment. You can find them in our top 5 of most sold and so often the best bottle warmer of 2018.

  1. The Alecto BW-70 bottle warmer

    This bottle warmer from Alecto has the best rating at online stores. No less than 4 stars from 23 consumer reviews. The Alecto BW-70 is also the best bottle warmer in the test, even at the picky and the consumer union. Suitable for multiple sizes of baby bottles and to warm up jars of food. Favorable price, only: € 17.99

  2. Alecto BW-80

    This bottle warmer can be the same as the number 1 but is also suitable for use in the car on holiday. He is slightly more expensive and therefore in second place. Price: € 29.99

  3. Philips Avent SCF356 / 00 - Baby food and bottle warmer

    More sophisticated than the number 1 and 2 but again more expensive. If your budget allows you can choose this Philips bottle warmer. The bottle rotates during heating, which ensures uniform heating. Equipped with a progress indicator, switches off after 20 minutes and has a defrosting position. Of course also suitable for food jars. Price: € 50.99

  4. Beurer BY52

    According to the consumer association, this Beurer BY52 is one of the better bottle warmers because of the fast warm-up time and accuracy in temperature. The disadvantage is that you have to add another amount of water for each amount of food. But of course this goes quickly. Price: € 31.49

  5. Difrax S-bottle heater

    Inflared the bottle food with this Difrax S bottle warmer within 3 minutes. The disadvantage of this bottle is that it is important to follow the instructions exactly because otherwise it will leak or break prematurely. The previous models have less problems with that. Price: € 59.95

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