Washable diapers or disposable diapers! What are you going to choose?

Do you think of washable diapers of those big pieces that you need to pin down with a safety pin? Think again! Nowadays also the washable diapers are properly 'pimped' and easier to use. Still, the vast majority of parents still opt for disposable diapers and the washable variants are not even considered. But washable diapers are certainly worth the effort, or at least worth a consideration. And I will help you with that by putting the pros and cons in a row. Then you will soon know what you will choose: washable diapers or disposable diapers?

Washable diapers old-fashioned? Not at all!

Nowadays, washable diapers are super hip and modern and you can get them with Velcro fasteners, buttons or handy nappy pants. So it is no longer those big pieces. There is also more variation in the material. So you have washable diapers made of cotton, bamboo, hemp, polyester and rayon. The washable diapers nowadays are waterproof and can be worn with a diaper of breathable fabric.
And a very nice extra: washable diapers are available in super nice variants such as cool prints and cheerful colors! Only that is a reason to consider them!

The argument that many do not have to take washable diapers is that it is unhygienic, but that is certainly not true. When the diapers are washed, they are simply spotless again. Washing at 40 degrees is sufficient for puddles.

Did your baby poop? Do not think that all the diapers with poo and already in the washing machine or that you first have to soak everything.

In the washable diapers there are depositors that collect the stool. You always throw away the inserts. If there is still a little poo left behind then you can 'wash away' at 60 degrees.

Which washable diaper?

Which washable nappy you have to choose is largely your own preference. So try some different diapers and see which fabric, closure and shape you like the most for your baby. In terms of size, it differs per brand which size you can take.

Many brands have 1 size that fits every baby and you can adjust it by buttons or an elastic band. This way you can do the diapers for a long time. Some brands have 2 or 3 sizes of diapers. These can also be adjusted with buttons. These diapers usually fit slightly better than the 'one size fits all'.

Washable diapers or disposable diapers: advantages and disadvantages

To make a good choice between washable diapers or disposable diapers it is useful to put the advantages and disadvantages at a glance. Actually it has to do with what you think is most important.
Do you go for convenience or environment? That is the most important question whether you choose washable diapers or disposable diapers. Below I will indicate which diaper is the best choice for each subject.

  1. Do you find convenience important? Choose the disposable diaper

    The biggest advantage of disposable diapers is convenience. The dirty diaper you throw away and you do a new diaper. It can not be simpler. A washable diaper you must clean so wash and let it dry. You also need to have an inlay (to catch the stool) and you need a overpants.

    Each week you will have about 1.5 extra laundry in the beginning and if your baby is older you have 1 extra per week. This is minimal, there are parents who have 2 laundry and sometimes 3 extra laundry.

  2. Do you consider the environment important? Go for the washable diapers!

    Do you want to give your children a greener future? Then choose the washable diapers. These are better for the environment and yes, even if you wash them in the washing machine and even if you put them in the dryer afterwards, the energy costs will fall. If you wash the diapers at 60 degrees (which is only necessary if there is poo present, otherwise 40 degrees is enough) and then put them in the dryer, the greenhouse gas emissions are 1.5 times lower than disposable diapers.

    If you do not put the diapers in the dryer, the emissions are 2.5 times lower. These 'handy' disposable diapers are good for 22 kilos of rubbish every month and that sweet ladies is really damaging to the environment.

  3. Do you want to save money in the long term? Washable diapers are the answer!

    Costs can play a big role in your choice of washable diapers or disposable diapers. In the long term you can save a few hundred euros with washable diapers. The disadvantage is that with washable diapers you have to make an investment of € 400 in one go to buy everything, but in the longer term they are certainly cheaper. Especially when you have several children.

    According to Milieu Centraal, the cost overview for washable diapers and disposable diapers over the average diaper period of 3 years and 2 months is as follows:

    • Cost Washable diaper

      Average: € 830, but somewhere between € 490 - € 1190

    • Costs Disposable diaper

      On average: € 1310 but somewhere between € 680 - € 1940 costs disposable diapers.

    It is possible that washable diapers are also more economical for another reason: usually children who wear washable diapers are more toilet-trained than children with disposable diapers!

  4. Do you want to be as economical as possible with disposable diapers? Then keep an eye on our diaper comparator and you will not miss out on any offer!

  5. Do you find the comfort of your baby important? Doubtful

    In terms of wearing comfort, there is no clear winner and so it is your baby or you choose washable diapers or disposable diapers. Some babies seem to get rash from disposable diapers by the chemicals. Other parents find that washable diapers leak too much and that the bottoms of their baby remain much wetter, causing nappy rash.

    It is true that the washable variants are slightly wetter for the buttocks because they absorb less.The advantage is that older children do not like this and because of this they become more and more clean.

Washable diapers sample package

If you really want to make a good choice about washable diapers or disposable diapers, it is good to try them both. Now it is very understandable that you do not want to deposit a large amount first. Fortunately, you can buy a trial package on various websites.
Such as bol.com, pandababy.nl or wasbare-luier.nl.
Do you have experience with washable diapers or disposable diapers? Share them! I am very curious!

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