Choose tips for a birth announcement!

At one choose birth card you quickly walk against a wall. The range is extremely large. Not only in terms of printers, but also online you have a whole range of websites where you can order the most fun birth announcements. It is almost despondent, but perhaps these tips help to make a choice easier.

When to order a birth announcement card?

If you already know the gender and the name, then you can order the birth announcements at the end of your pregnancy, for example if you are 34 weeks pregnant.

Do you not know the name and gender yet? Orient yourself already during your pregnancy and choose a card for a girl and a boy. Also think of the text already, so that after the delivery you only have to put the name on it.

8 Choose tips for a birth announcement:

  1. Choose a printer or website

    Every printer and especially every website has a large collection of birth announcements that you can choose from. Start with orienting, but do not stay here too long. Since the range is so large, there is a card with every provider that really suits you and your baby.

  2. Look around you

    Do you have no inspiration for the birth announcement yet? Take a good look around you. Do you have any birth announcements from others? Then see what appeals to you and what not. You can also find birth announcements in the waiting room of your doctor or midwife.

  3. Which style?

    Do you want a classic card with white and elegant letters or a bright card? In addition, you can also choose a cool, cheerful, modern, vintage, original, romantic and sweet cards. With Hippe Birth Announcements all birth announcements are divided into these categories so you can quickly choose a style that appeals to you.

  4. With picture?

    Do you want a picture of your sweet little baby on the card? That is also possible and often very easy. All you have to do is upload a nice photo.

  5. Color or black white?

    Then make a choice in the color you want, do you go for black and white, multiple colors or do you choose the color pink or blue on your card?

  6. Which font?

    Try to adjust the font to the style of your birth chart. Do you have a modern card, then choose tight letters. With a classic card graceful letters, a sturdy card fit straight letters and with a cheerful card a playful font fits well.

  7. Choose text birth announcement

    Some choose poems while others place a short text on the birth announcement. You can think of this text yourself, but there are also enough birth announcements that already have a nice text on them like with

  8. Always ask for a proof print

    Always order a proof print first so that you can see if the colors are correct and the picture (if you used it) is pretty sharp. It always looks different on the screen.

Make birth card yourself

Do you really want to be unique? Then make your birth announcement yourself! Often you can design both the front and the inside completely according to your wishes.
Do you really have no idea and can not choose a birth card? View the popular birth announcements. These are often popular for a reason!

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