A baby room under a sloping roof? That's how you do that!

Do you want one baby room under a sloping roof decorate? That can sometimes be a small challenge. Oblique walls are not always useful. Yet you can also make a baby room under a sloping roof a cozy and cozy place, where your baby can dream wonderfully and play later. Read here how you can do that!

Arrange a baby room under a sloping roof

Setting up a baby room under a sloping roof is fine! With some clever tricks you create a lot of space and you really get a super nice baby room. These tricks are:

  • Light colors: light and neutral colors are very important for a baby room under a sloping roof. Dark colors only make space smaller and you really do not want that. Of course you do not have to go white alone. Beautiful pastel colors are also beautiful!
  • Think of walking routes: If you have a sloping roof, walking routes are very important. Your baby may still be very small, but you also need to be able to move well in the room without bumping your head 10 times a day. Therefore, take a good look at where you can stand upright and where you can put the best furniture.
  • Storage cupboards: slanted sides can be a perfect place to make storage cupboards and walk-in closets. That way, no space is lost!
  • A lounge corner: if your child stays in the nursery for a while, you can create a cozy lounge corner under the sloping side. For example, by making a low bench underneath with lots of colorful cushions.
  • Create a lot of light: daylight is very important for your little one. Is the baby room in the attic? Always try to place a dormer or skylight. If this is not an option, there are lamps available that imitate daylight. Make sure you let your child play a lot below and outside.
  • Decorate the slanted wall with posters to make it more fun and playful.
  • Smart stacking: what works very well is stacking under the sloping wall. Consider, for example, chests of drawers that you can classify yourself in terms of height and width (available from eg Ikea). All the lost corners on the cupboards can be filled with storage boxes and accessories.

Bed under sloping roof height

The fact that the baby room is under a sloping roof does not always mean that the bed should be in the middle of the room. Sometimes the bed can be fine under the slanted side, but first you have to measure the height of the wall and of the bed. Pay extra attention to the height of the frame of bed or bed, the headboard or the footboard. Of course, you can easily place a small cradle anywhere. Is your child old enough for a box spring? Then you can place it nicely under the sloping roof!

Another smart solution is to make a box bed under a sloping roof. Maybe you are handy yourself, otherwise you can search for companies that can make a box bed. The bed then fits exactly under the sloping wall and some extra storage boxes can be made.

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Create extra space with a dormer window or skylight

A baby room under a sloping roof can sometimes appear dark and small. What is always important is sufficient daylight. You can get more daylight in the baby room by placing a dormer or skylight. Both can be placed within a day. Yet there are a few differences. A dormer window actually has more advantages than a roof window. A roof window only gives more daylight and is also a lot cheaper (about 500 euros). Placing a dormer window can cost a few thousand euros, but you get more in return as:

  • More living space. You get extra walkable surface on the baby room.
  • There is more light in the room with a dormer.
  • Your house is worth more by more m2 of walking surface and a more unique look

If you want to place a dormer, you must remember that you have to apply for a permit from the municipality.

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Because the costs of a dormer differ considerably, it is good to compare prices!

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