31 weeks pregnant

The moment has arrived that you 31 weeks pregnant and now there are small developments going on. Your baby has grown a little heavier (1500 grams) and somewhat larger, comparable to a coconut. You will probably still notice that your baby is really moving, although this is perhaps a bit less than before. What you mainly feel now is a push or a push. Your baby moves a lot with his or her arms and legs. The baby pulls with her face, swallows and sometimes still has the hiccups.

Cherish these movements because that indicates that your child is doing well! However, you notice that the movements are a lot less, then it is good to just call the bell.

Increasingly greater chances of survival outside the womb

Your baby now has more and more body fat and the lungs become stronger every week. These developments will ensure that your baby can survive outside the womb. From the moment you are 31 weeks pregnant, this chance is already a lot bigger than a few weeks before. However, if your baby is born now, he or she is still a premature.

Taking the position of birth at 31 weeks pregnant

If it has not happened yet, your baby will now be happy in the final position when you are 31 weeks pregnant. That means that he or she now takes the position of birth. As long as your child has not yet descended, he can still run a little. If your baby is not yet well, this can still change. The best attitude to be born is with the head down. Approximately 96% of all babies are born with this position.

If your baby is in a breech position, it may be possible that you need a cesarean. This depends on the shape of the breech. But at the moment the final position of the baby is not completely fixed yet, so it is still a matter of waiting.

31 weeks pregnant: hard bellies

Do you suffer from hard bellies? Hard bellies can already be felt from the second trimester and you feel a tension in your stomach that looks like cramps. Often it is because you have been too busy and that your body tells you that you have to take it a bit slower. It is especially uncomfortable and hard bellies should not be painful.

Leaking breasts

More and more women are being bothered by leaking breasts by the time they are 31 weeks pregnant. You may also have noticed this a few weeks ago. As the end of your pregnancy is approaching, your breasts are starting to make more and more breast milk. At this moment the liquid from your breasts is still yellowish in color. Do you want to prevent stains in your shirt? Then look at nursing pads. These stop the liquid.

Name and birth card

Do you already have a name for the little one? If you already know the name and gender you can slowly look at nice birth announcements. There are several websites where you can order very nice and cute cards. Think for example of hip-birthcardjes.nl, hipdesign.nl or hierbenik.nl. Just watching the tickets can already give a lot of anticipation!

31 Weeks pregnant: Do you already have a birth announcement? View here an overview of our birth card stores

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