What does a baby or child cost per year?

What does a baby cost per year? That is a question that parents often ask themselves. You have the costs a little bit in hand, but that a child costs a lot of money is undeniable. Are you pregnant with your first child, then you will have to dig deeper into your pouch for the purchase of all the stuff. Think of things for the baby room, care and everything that you have to drag when you leave home with the baby.

Fortunately, many of these costs are one-off, but then enough remains for the rest of the year. Hopefully you will get an answer to the question through this blog what does a baby cost? and have some time to spare.

What does a baby cost first year?

What does a baby cost in the first year? If you are pregnant with your first child, you have to take into account a lot of costs for your baby. We have now ignored the costs you incur during pregnancy and childbirth. Fortunately, more than half of the items you have to buy are one-off and you do not have to make that expense with your second child. Think of the box, pram and high chair. According to NIBUD, you can take into account the following one-off costs for your first baby:

  • Clothing: € 91.50
  • Care: € 164.90
  • Baby room: € 361.50
  • Total: € 617.90

The above costs are a part of the baby set-up list. In addition to these costs, there are other costs that you will face as a brand new parent. These are a bit dependent on your situation. Not everyone has to make these costs because they do not need it or have received stuff from acquaintances. The extra costs are according to NIBUD:

  • Box and mattress: € 65, -
  • Playpen: € 20, -
  • Buggy: € 65, -
  • High chair: € 50, -
  • Car seat: € 130, -
  • Pushchair: € 300, -
  • Mattress protector € 10, -
  • Bottle and teat: € 6-
  • Bottle heater: € 30, -
  • Bottle cleaner: € 2, -
  • Milk powder container: € 2, -
  • Belly wearer: € 55, -
  • Baby monitor: € 55, -
  • Weekend bed: € 40, -
  • Stair gate: € 40, -
  • Bouncer: € 30, -
  • Diaper bag: € 15, -
  • Diapers: € 24, - per month

The costs mentioned above are average. Of course the costs can be much higher, but you also have a bit of control. If you opt for expensive brands, you will soon lose double.

Cost of child per year?

But what does a baby cost per year if you do not include the costs of the first year? That is a bit different for everyone. You can of course make it as crazy as you want.
According to Statistics Netherlands, about 17% of disposable income goes to the child in every family. Do you have a disposable income of € 1700, - then on average € 289, - per month goes to your child, which amounts to € 3468, - per year.

If you have two children, 26% goes to your children every month and with 3 kids the average Dutch family spends around 33% of the income on their children. With 4 children you are at 40%.
The disposable income consists of monthly income, possibly child-related budget, holiday pay, child benefit and other income.

Open a child account? See what is possible!

Flexible money saving for your child with an investment account?

The costs that all parents get when a child is in the house are:

  • Additional water and energy consumption: € 31.50 per month
  • Clothing: € 30 per month
  • Childcare: € 75 per month
  • Diapers: € 25 per month

Total extra fixed costs: € 161.50 per month.
That is € 1938 per year.

Of course, it is different per family and the costs are lower if you do not use childcare. In addition, you also have to count the extra costs of the groceries.

Cost of bottle-feeding per month?

Another factor that influences the question what costs a baby is the diet. If you bottle-feed, you lose a little bit more than breastfeeding every month. Yet the baby costs from bottle feeding not so very high. It comes down to about € 30 per month.

Childcare costs

To answer the question of what does a baby cost, the fact whether you use childcare plays a major role. The costs of childcare depend on the form you choose, the number of days your child goes to childcare and the amount of your childcare allowance.

Do you opt for out-of-school care, daycare or childminder care?
As long as the institution is registered you can receive a supplement depending on your income. In addition, the costs of formal childcare depend on, among other things, the place where you live, whether it concerns day care or out-of-school care, whether you want your child to be accommodated in the school weeks or all weeks, etc.

Take a good look at the conditions of the reception in your area. The childcare allowance is a maximum of € 7.45 per hour. The higher your income, the less reimbursement you will receive. Read more about childcare allowance here.

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