Heartbeat of the baby listening

At every check in the midwife or gynecologist, this will be sent to the hospital with a special device listen to the heartbeat of the baby. This happens with a doppler. This device works like an ultrasonic ultrasound device to record what moves in the abdomen.

From about 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, the heartbeat of the baby in the abdomen can be heard with the help of a Doppler. From about 30 weeks of pregnancy, the baby heart can also be heard outside the belly by putting a horn (or empty toilet roll) on the belly and listening with your ear.

Heartbeat baby hearing with toilet role? This can be done at home from 30 weeks onwards.

Listening to the heartbeat of the baby at home

Do you and your partner also want to listen to the heart of your unborn baby at home? Which can. The Angelsounds Doppler has been developed especially for home use. This device works just like the one at the midwife or gynecologist but is just a bit more user-friendly. They are completely harmless to the baby. But can the parents give the reassurance of how their baby goes in the stomach. The Angelsounds Dopplers are for sale here.

Listen to the heartbeat of the baby yourself

The best results to hear the heartbeat of the baby you get with the following tips:

  • Make sure you have a full bladder.
  • Lie down on a bed or couch.
  • Apply a thick oil or cream to your belly.
  • Put the probe on your stomach and slowly move your belly about inches. The earlier in your pregnancy, the closer you will be to your pubic bone to hear the heartbeat of your baby.
  • Do not panic if you do not find the heart fast enough. Try again at another time.

A good tip is to pay attention to your next visit to the midwife or gynecologist where he / she registers the heart. That is the place where you can start yourself.

Buy Angelsounds Doppler?

Nowadays, various Angelsounds Doppler models are for sale. Angelsounds is not the only brand that sells Doppler devices. So you can also choose the brands Jumper and Luvion with which you can listen to the heartbeat of the baby.

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