Getting pregnant after curettage

A miscarriage is a terrible experience and of course the last thing you want. Sometimes a miscarriage is of course generated, sometimes you get a curettage. A miscarriage obviously does not take away the fiery desire for children, and perhaps you would prefer to get back to work. Read here how long it can take for women to become pregnant after curettage.

Miscarriage and curettage

A miscarriage can happen in a natural way. Your body then rejects the fruit. Signs of a natural miscarriage are cramps and blood loss. Sometimes it can happen that some tissue of the fruit remains behind. This tissue is scraped away by means of a curettage with the help of a spoon. But sometimes the body does not reject the fruit. For example if you are 9 weeks or longer pregnant and you find out that the heart is no longer correct. A curettage is then performed to suck the fruit out of the uterus. Read more about what curettage is.

Extra fertile after curettage?

If you have had a curettage after a miscarriage to remove the remaining tissue, the treatment will help you to pick up your cycle more quickly. After all, as long as there is tissue in the uterus that no longer belongs, you can not become pregnant. The same applies to a curettage of an embryo of, for example, 10 weeks. After the fruit has been removed your body can recover and prepare for a possible new pregnancy. In other words: the body will try to continue on the old foot. A curettage does not make you extra fertile. Unfortunately.

Faster pregnant after miscarriage

It would be nice if you were to become pregnant sooner after a miscarriage, but unfortunately that is not the case either. How quickly women become pregnant after curettage or miscarriage differs from person to person. Some women are pregnant again immediately after the curettage, even without having been in between periods. With other women, it takes months to sometimes a year. So there is no arrow to draw.

Getting pregnant after curettage does not work

How fast women become pregnant after curettage is very different. It even happens that the pregnancy after a year still has not succeeded. Is that the curettage or something else? In general, curettage is a harmless procedure and there are almost never complications.

In very rare situations, the uterine wall may be damaged during treatment. The treatment is then immediately stopped. Often this does not have very big consequences. It may be that complications have occurred if you suffer from fever after the treatment, abdominal cramps that last longer than 2 days or severe blood loss. Then call your doctor.

If you do not have these symptoms, then everything has probably gone well during treatment. Are you trying to conceive after curettage and are not you able to succeed after a year? Then you can ask your doctor about the possibilities. There is a chance that something else is going on, or that your body is still not ready for it.

Getting pregnant remains a miracle that does not always succeed.

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage

Doctors often recommend trying again after you have had the first menstruation. After all, this is the sign that your body has been restored. But we understand if you do not want to wait that long. Many gynecologists indicate that if your body is not ready, you will not become pregnant. And if you get pregnant immediately, then your body was apparently ready for it.

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Do you still suffer from bleeding after the treatment, then it is wise to wait a while with sexual intercourse. If, on the other hand, you have no problems and you want to get pregnant quickly after curettage or miscarriage, the following tips may help:

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