Development baby 2 weeks old

Your little baby has been in this world for 2 weeks now. The development of a baby 2 weeks old will not have changed much compared to the week before. But that does not mean that time stands still. It is important now to make a lot of contact with your baby. Perhaps in this week the sleep deprivation will start to break you up. Always remember that this is only temporary. Continue a few more weeks and your baby will sleep through. This week more about the development baby 2 weeks old.

In short, with a baby 2 weeks old:

  • Your baby really likes to look at your face.
  • The baby also likes to listen to your voice.
  • Your baby may unconsciously imitate your facial expression.
  • Mothers can suffer from hemorrhoids.
  • The blood loss should now decrease.

The development of your baby 2 weeks old

Your baby will still sleep a lot like last week and (hopefully) drink a lot. It is normal for your baby to lose something after birth. After a few weeks, that weight is completely up to standard again. In the first month your little baby can get a kilo.

  • Still no sharp vision

    Your baby's vision is still not sharp. Anything further away than 20 to 25 centimeters will disappear in a world full of haze. But the face of mommy or daddy can see your baby, especially when you have your baby on the arm. So walk often with your baby on the arm through the house and tell your baby what you see and what you do. Not only does your baby look at your face, he or she likes to hear your voice! So every day you have a loyal fan who looks forward to hearing and seeing you again.

  • Your baby looks a little squint

    As adults you do not have to think about it at all, you automatically focus your eyes. But babies have a little trouble with that. Sometimes the eyes shoot in all directions. So do not worry if your baby looks squint, which draws later when it's good at.

How are mom, dad, the parent?

Now that two weeks have passed, you may start to get used to the life with your baby. Are you still not the old as a new mom? That can be very good. It will take a while before you feel yourself top again. Give it time. Probably your blood loss will gradually become a lot less intense and you will not need a maternity bandage anymore.

  • Suffer from hemorrhoids?

    The mothers will need some time to recover well. Always make sure that you do not take too much hay on your fork. It is possible that you suffer from hemorrhoids because of the delivery. That is because during the delivery you have put a lot of pressure on the anus. Hemorrhoids are very annoying, but fortunately they can be treated with hemorrhoids ointment.

  • Stitches

    If you have been torn during labor or the doctor has to cut you in, then you have received sutures. These can resolve themselves or have to be removed. If the stitches are out then it is still not completely healed down there. Always make sure you keep it clean.

  • Training your pelvic floor muscles

    Really a lot of exercise is a pretty bad idea at the moment. However, you can go hiking or cycling. In addition, it is good to make a small start with training your pelvic floor muscles. These have been considerably stretched during the delivery. The training is all tighter. This prevents incontinence and also the sex will also be more pleasant with trained pelvic floor muscles. Start slowly and listen carefully to your body. Read how you can start training your pelvic floor muscles in our blog.

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    Tip of the week with a baby 2 weeks old

    • The sleep deprivation can now start to break up, so take plenty of rest and sleep when your baby is asleep.
    • Talk to other parents if you no longer like the new life as a mother.
    • Ask for tips on how to deal with fatigue.

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