When to choose a hand pump?

If you are breastfeeding, it is useful if you also have a breast pump. But even if you are not breastfeeding but bottle-feeding, you can reduce the breast load on the breasts with a breast pump such as a hand pump. This feels like tension. A manual pump is therefore more suitable for women who occasionally pump. If you have to pump a lot like daily or even several times a day, a manual flask can be quite time-consuming. Usually flasks with a manual flask last around 45 minutes.

Advantages of a hand pump:

  • They are small and light and therefore easy to carry;
  • They do not make a sound;
  • A hand pump is a lot cheaper than the electric flasks;
  • You can determine the suction power and the suction rhythm yourself;
  • No electricity needed;
  • You never have to deal with an empty battery.

Disadvantages of the hand pump:

  • Which manual pump you choose, it can be tiring;
  • The flask takes reasonably long (about 45 minutes);
  • You can not pumping two breasts at a time.

You get the best hand pump experiences by asking other mothers. Are you going for a manual flask from Medela, Avent or just from Prenatal?

Types of handpumps

There are several variants of manual flasks available:

  1. Volumetric flask or cylinder flask:

    This flask consists of a vacuum with a cylinder behind it. It is better not to use these hand pumps. The vacuum can not be controlled properly so you quickly get too great a suction power. This can damage the breast tissue. In general it is no longer possible to buy these flasks in regular stores. But suppose you are looking for second-hand flasks you better not purchase these!

  2. Piston flask:

    You must operate this flask with two hands. With one hand you must keep moving the plunger up and down and with the other hand you must hold the flask shield in place. Although this works perfectly well, it can become tiring after a while.

  3. Crimp pump:

    In general, this hand pump is preferred by many mothers who occasionally pump. A squeeze pump can be operated fairly smoothly with one hand. However, this flask can also be tiring after a while.

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