Stress during pregnancy

In everyday life we ​​often have to deal with stress because of work, household and social obligations. If you are pregnant, this stress continues. On top of that you can feel extra tension about your pregnancy and the arrival of your child. Think of stress about the baby room and the stuff that you still have to buy. Or you worry if you can financially box it. Basically is a bit stress during pregnancy not bad for the baby. It is therefore not necessary to separate yourself for 9 months in a cabin on the moor. But if you feel stressed every day and long-term, this can affect your baby.

Long-term stress during pregnancy affects your baby

Researchers at the university in Germany have investigated the form in which stress during pregnancy affects the baby. This research looked at the DNA of mothers and newborn babies. DNA contains telomeres. These telomeres become shorter and shorter throughout your life. The older you are, the shorter your telomeres are. By measuring these telomeres at birth you get an indication of the biological clock and age-related diseases.

The study showed that the telomeres of newborn children whose mother had a lot of stress during pregnancy were shorter than with the other children. In addition, it appeared that girls have longer telomeres than boys. You can find the research here.

The conclusion of the research is that a lot of stress has consequences for the biological clock of your baby and can lead to faster aging. But to what extent this plays a major role in the further life of your child is still uncertain. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid long-term stress during your pregnancy.

7 Tips for stress during pregnancy

  1. Listen to your body

    You do not have to put yourself over your fatigue during your pregnancy to keep going. On the contrary, even: give in to your fatigue. It is a sign of your body that you need to take some rest. Do you already have children and is it too much for you? Then ask your partner or, for example, your parents if they can pay attention to the children.

  2. Talk about it

    You are not alone during your pregnancy! If you experience stress or tension, talk about this with your partner, the midwife or take a look at a forum for pregnant women. Here you can get a lot of support and tips from women who are or have been in the same boat.

  3. Eat healthy and varied

    Healthy food is very good for you and your baby. Eat enough fruits and vegetables and try to eat fish twice a week. In fatty fish species are substances that may prevent depression. Fatty fish is for example salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines or trout. In addition, eat a handful of unsalted nuts daily and drink 1.5 liters of fluid a day.

  4. Keep moving

    Movement is a very successful way to deal with stress. Sports during pregnancy is fine and ensures, among other things, that you are less likely to have gestational diabetes, varicose veins and morning sickness.

  5. Prepare for your life with child

    Proper preparation for your life after giving birth can help to reduce the stress you have on this. You can prepare by, for example, reading all blogs that are important on our website. In addition, there are plenty of books that explain what you can expect. Finally, you also have your own mother or friends with children with whom you can have a good conversation.

  6. Make an overview of the costs

    Are you worried about money? Do not put your head in the sand, but make an overview of everything that you have to get in the house. Which products do you really have to purchase and which products can you borrow or buy from other people for a low price. If you have a clear overview, you quickly see what is really essential. Then you can see how big your budget is.Read also costs pregnancy and health insurance

  7. Spoil yourself

    Relaxing is of course very good against the stress during pregnancy. So treat yourself regularly with a nice massage, aromatherapy or a good book on the couch.

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