Roos writes: The ups and downs of the monthly cycle

If you want to become pregnant, there is one thing that will determine your life: your menstrual cycle. I think especially if you have been busy for some time getting pregnant, or maybe not more than that ... In any case, that monthly cycle is the clock that counts. It is a clock that you sometimes try to stop, but you know that time always continues to tick. You can not ignore it, because your body ticks and gives you every time flawlessly what time it is. Are you aware of the influence of this biological clock? I do!

Sexy behavior

In the week that it is time for quite some tension in the bedroom, I am suddenly very aware of my body and of the fact that my husband 'must do it with me later'. Since it does not always happen automatically, it certainly will not help if I'm sitting on a couch in a sweater and sweatpants and say: darling, will we? Certainly not with my husband. So on those special days, I make sure my make up is good, I wear nice clothes and my bra fits the color of my panties once. I also behave myself a bit more flirtatious (to what extent I can) and try to build up the tension.

Waiting and tense

When the week of jobs in the bedroom is over, the next phase begins in the menstrual cycle. Has a sperm cell scored, or not? Not only for me, but for many women this means waiting and secretly being very aware of every stitch or pijn that is in the vicinity of the pubic area.

Even if you have an attitude of: I do see when I get pregnant (which I also try to have) then you still notice all the aches earlier.

And everything is suspicious or immediately reminds you of a possible pregnancy. Previously, the stitches never meant anything, but now it may mean something. Is it implantation pain? Am I nauseous? Do my breasts hurt more? Every time I am nauseated, I also think 'my, am I pregnant?'. Unfortunately, I do not know that answer until a few weeks later.

Monthly cycle: Disappointment and short fuse

When after a few weeks I have to hang out the red flag, that is always a disappointment. With a kind of anger I pull the tampon or sanitary napkin out of the packaging: it is that time again. The rest of the day, I am certainly not a ray of sunshine. But later on I think: well, next time better.

Just enjoy a round

I think women who are having a period are already suffering heavily. That is why I pamper myself a little extra at that time. Nice wine, a tenderloin with the food and again filet americain on bread. Until the moment comes again that the 'sexy days' begin. Then hope begins to rise again, the trinkets go out of the closet again and I am extra sweet to my husband.

My husband does not even have to keep a calendar. He knows exactly 'what time' it is. He follows my well and woe at a distance and tries to move as well as possible on the monthly cycle. And when he sees that I'm looking at him more often, he knows it's time again to perform. When I am short, he knows that the red flag is hanging out again and he has to be more careful with what he says.

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