How do you tell me you are pregnant?

You are pregnant! Of course you want to tell everyone about this as soon as possible. But when are you going to do that and especially: how do you tell me you are pregnant? In this blog you can find some great ideas to tell your parents, family and friends.

When do you tell me you are pregnant?

In principle, it is entirely up to you when the big news is brought out. You can tell it right away as soon as you find out, but you can also wait. Many women choose to wait three months (about 12 to 13 weeks) before they bring the big news into the world. After your first trimester, the chance of a miscarriage is still very small. You and your partner are also well accustomed to the idea.
Now you only wait for the difficult task of keeping the pregnancy and your happiness hidden for 12 to 13 weeks!

When tell you before that you are pregnant?

Some couples can not wait 3 months to tell the news and tell them pretty quickly that they expect a baby. The advantage is that everyone can live well with you and you do not have to be secretive. What might be a disadvantage is that you can have a miscarriage and you have to tell everyone about it. But people can then just support you.

This woman does have a very bizarre way of telling her that she is pregnant! Watch this video.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to conceal the pregnancy for a long time. Especially when your environment is aware that you are trying to conceive. All eyes will be on you. Does she drink a glass of wine? Does she still eat raw fish? It can be very tiring. Especially when you do like a drink, it will be extra noticeable if you turn red at the spa. In addition, certain pregnancy symptoms can throw a spanner in the works. If you are constantly above the toilet, it will soon be noticed that there is 'something going on'. And a pregnancy is high on the list.

When should you inform your employer? And how do you tell me you are pregnant?

Officially you only have to tell 3 weeks before you want to go on maternity leave (6 to 4 weeks before the due date) that you are pregnant. But your employer will greatly appreciate it if you do this much earlier so that there is enough time to arrange replacement.

Your pregnancy for your parents

Your parents will probably be the first to be notified of your great news. This is a very special moment for yourselves and your parents. Becoming a grandfather and grandmother is almost as special as getting children. And in addition, the pregnancy is almost as exciting for them as for you! Enough reasons to bring the news in an original way.

4 Original ways to tell you are pregnant

  1. Photo of your echo

    If you are 12 or 13 weeks pregnant you will get an ultrasound. A picture is taken of the small one. How nice is it to use this first photo to tell the news? You can decide how you use the photo yourself. For example, you can hide it in a bunch of flowers or babyflowers.

  2. Bewarenvan nl.pinterest.comProblem with copyrightWith a funny picture let your family and friends know that you are pregnant! #female #faternityfacingSoZwangerSwanger Announcement

  3. Cake or cupcakes

    Another original way of telling is by means of a cake or cupcakes. For example, you can make the dough blue or pink and wait to see who is the first one. Another way is to place a message in the cake or on the box.

  4. Text on a romper

    Are you calculated around Christmas? Then give a romper with a nice text as a gift. You can of course also do this with the birthday of your parents.

  5. Tell it on a card

    Getting a ticket is always fun and especially if it contains such a great message! You can send the cards directly to everyone. That way everybody hears (about) at the same time and you just have to wait for the phone calls. You can design your own card on various websites. For example, create a card with a nice photo of you together with a romper. Or a picture of your shoes with little baby shoes.

How do you tell me you are pregnant?

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