Woven cloth buttons, how do you do that?

Carrying your baby in a sling has many advantages. This way your baby feels safe, stays in touch with his mother (just like in the womb), your baby is protected, and you stimulate the development of your baby. For you as a mother it is also very useful. You have your hands free to do other things, while you can comfort your baby and keep an eye on it. Win-Win! If you also want to wear your baby, you must of course know how to do one sling buttons? You can read here the most common method and ways to tie a sling. Tip: are you a beginner? Always start wearing your baby on your stomach!

Baby cloth buttons newborn baby

You can already wear your baby in your sling from day 1. If you tie the sling well, the entire body of your small sprout is sufficiently supported and is therefore completely safe. If you are a beginner, first wear your baby on your stomach. First make sure that you are sufficiently recovered from the delivery and your body can handle it.

If you are going to carry your baby from birth, it is important that your baby is in the right position. Your baby must 'sit' upright in the sling so that your baby can breathe properly. In addition, this attitude is also good for the development of the body. Your newborn baby must always be worn in a frog position.

This means: face to you, the hips in a spread position and knees raised to the height of the navel. The backs are slightly convex and the shoulders slightly forward. The arms are against the baby with the fists at the mouth. Of course the neck and the head must be well supported. You can do this by always pulling the cloth well. Do not wear a newborn baby!

Please always keep well informed about slings and let someone show you how to tie the sling!

Baby cloth buttons with baby on your belly

If you have a woven cloth, you can knot the sling as follows so that you carry your baby on your belly:

  1. Hold the sling in front of you and make sure you are in the middle. Now wrinkle the cloth so that it becomes a wide strip. Hold the cloth in front of your belly button.
  2. Pull the cloth strips to your back, cross them and pull them over your shoulders. Check carefully that the cloth is not twisted.
  3. The cloth strips now hang over your shoulders. Make sure the jobs are not too much in your neck. Pick up your baby and place it against your shoulder. Let your baby lean against your body and then gently slide the body down. Get the legs under the horizontal track that sits on your stomach. Your baby's head must be under your chin. Gently wrap the bottom of the cloth upwards so that you create a nice seat for your baby. Your baby must be in the frog position. This means that the legs are higher than the buttocks.
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  5. Now carefully pull the cloth over the back up to the neck. Keep supporting the buttocks and back well. The cloth now covers your baby from the buttocks to the neck. Now pull the strips that are running over your back a bit tighter so that your baby is firmly against you.
  6. If your baby is well and firmly against you, pull the lanes hanging over your shoulders down the body of your baby. Pull the strips over the legs, but keep them next to the buttocks. Then cross the jobs under the buttocks. Then pull the fabric under the feet backwards.
  7. Tie a double knot on your back. Check that your baby is firmly in the cloth and you can comfortably wear the cloth.

Do you really want to do it right? Check out this video about sling buttons with your baby on the belly!

Weft buttons back

The knotting method you use when you want to carry your baby on your back is called the rucksack knotting method. This is a good method to use if your baby is too heavy to carry on your stomach. This knotting method can only be used with a woven sling.

If you have experience with wraps knots then you can wear your newborn baby on your back immediately. Always make sure that the head and neck are well supported. If you are still a beginner, start by carrying your baby on your stomach first.
So you can knot the sling for your back:

  1. Put the sling on a table and place your baby in the middle of the sling. Make sure the top of the cloth is just above the neck. The bottom of the sling must reach the legs.
  2. Take the bottom of the cloth and make a kind of seat by pulling the cloth between the legs. The cloth must come to the waist. If all goes well, there are two long lanes on both sides of your baby.
  3. Pick up your baby now. You do this by supporting the neck and back with one hand and with the other you take the two long lanes.
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  5. Put your baby on your left shoulder now. Keep supporting your baby well. Then grab the right lane and pull it over your right shoulder. Your baby should now hang about in the middle and high on your back. Both jobs must hang over your shoulders. First check whether your baby has a good seat.
  6. Now turn the left track a few times and clamp it between your knees. Now turn the right lane a few times and pass it under your armpit to your back. The track has to go over the first leg of your baby and under the second leg and then you get the job back again. Now do the same with the left lane. So back under your armpit. About the first leg and under the second leg and again forward. The cloths have now formed a cross where your baby is sitting.
  7. Now tie the two ends with a double knot on your belly.

Watch this video for the sling buttons on the back

Stretch sling buttons

Do you have a stretch wrap? See here how you can make the best connections:

  1. Hold the sling in front of you, making sure you are in front of the middle section.
  2. Now fully wrinkle the cloth into a long strip. Check carefully that the cloth is not twisted.
  3. Hold the cloth in front of your belly button and take both fabric strips to your back. Cross them over your back and pull them over your shoulders forward again. Make sure the lanes are well over your shoulders (not too much in your neck)
  4. Place your baby in the part on your belly and make sure the legs are in a good position (see video)
  5. Pass the tracks under the middle section (the belly band)
  6. Cross the lanes also at the front and get the lanes back to your back where you make a double knot. You can also highlight the jobs and make a decision.

Also watch this video about the stretch sling buttons

Woven cloth buttons hip

Another popular way of wearing a sling is on the hip. So you carry your baby on the hip without having all the weight on your arm. For babies, being carried on the hip is a lot more interesting because they can look around nicely.

Wearing your baby on the hip is easy with a ringling, but can also be done without a long cloth. You can carry your baby on the hip from the first day. Make sure that the neck and head are well supported.

This way you can tie the sling on the hip

Woven cloth buttons face forward

It is actually better not to carry your baby with the face forward. The best is always that your baby is lying against your stomach or against your back. Never with the back against your belly. This way of wearing does not seem to be good for the back and the hips of your child.

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