Non-alcoholic wine for the holidays? It really exists!

The holidays are frighteningly close and it is time for serious preparations. Picking up recipes, buying presents and stocking up drinks. For some pregnant women a little damper because during those holidays you can forget your drink. Do you sit with your water or frisje during drinks and all walks of the Christmas dinner. Boring! But luckily that does not have to be that way. The Gall & Gall has non-alcoholic wine in its range.

Because I myself, when I would be pregnant, would definitely miss my wine during Christmas, I tested them for you together with my critical family (full of wine lovers). Here are my honest findings of the alcohol-free wine!

Alcohol-free white wine

I have tasted 3 different white wines.

  1. Faber Chardonnay (price € 4.99)
  2. Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc (price € 5.49)
  3. Lussory White (price € 6.99)

The Sauvignon Blanc was fairly light in color. The other two had more the color of white wine. Although wine itself can also be light in color. It struck me and the rest of my test panel that the wines really had the smell of wine and in the first instance it also tastes like wine. The finish is flat and we found all white wines a bit on the sweet side.

If you like sweet wine, then you are so good with these wines. The taste was a bit similar to double fris, but slightly less sweet. Do you especially like dry wine, I think you think these wines are too sweet. Of the 3 wines I found the Chardonnay the tastiest.

Do you like wine and are you pregnant? Then alcohol-free wine might be something for you!

Alcohol-free red wine

Me and my critical test panel also tasted the red wines and we were more enthusiastic about this. That is also mainly because we do not all like sweet wines. The red wines that we had tasted:

  1. Torres Natureo Red 2016 (price € 5.59)
  2. Barrels and Drums Merlot (price € 5.99

The red alcohol-free wines are less sweet than the white ones we have tasted. The smell and first taste is fine. You smell the grape well, which makes the 'real wine experience' a bit bigger. The aftertaste is flat, but that is not surprising because it is alcohol-free. We found the red wines the closest to real wine and especially the Torres Natureo Red 2016. The Torres was also the favorite of our entire test panel.

Alcohol-free wine worth it?

Personally I would definitely buy a bottle of white or red alcohol free wine during Christmas. If only to feel a little bit like you are participating. You get that feeling because your wine comes out of a wine bottle, you have the smell of wine and you use a wine glass. I would not get the same feeling by simply pouring some grape juice from a pack.

The alcohol-free wine comes closer to real wine than a grape juice. For the variety is definitely recommended, then you are not the whole evening on the water or fresh. And for the price you do not necessarily have to leave it. In addition, I think that the red wines also taste good at certain dishes and the white wines are in my eyes a great aperitif.

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