Thin line visible on the pregnancy test? Am I pregnant now?

They may be the one of the longest minutes in your life: the number of minutes you have to wait before you can read the result of the pregnancy test. And what if instead of a clear dash, there is one thin line visible on the pregnancy test is? Just wait and we'll give you the answer. But at least think positive!

How does a pregnancy test work?

This may be superfluous information, but to understand why the 2nd line can be very light, it is useful to know how a pregnancy test works. A test measures the amount of the hCG hormone in your body. This is that fine hormone that is also responsible for pregnancy disorders such as morning sickness. You pee out a part of the hormone. For this reason, a pregnancy test can measure whether the hormone is present in your urine.

You start to make the hormone soon after fertilization because it ensures that your body does not reject the fruit. In the days and weeks thereafter, the amount of the hCG hormone in your body will increase rapidly.

What does a vague line mean on the pregnancy test?

There are various types of pregnancy tests on the market. Nowadays you also have digital versions that show you a smiley or the word 'pregnant' if you are in good expectation.

Good reviews and no more fuss with a light stripe or not. This test even indicates how many weeks you are pregnant!

But if you do not want to deposit 20 euros for a test, you will still have to count dashes. With these pregnancy tests you have one line as a control line (so that you know that you have done the test correctly) and a second (super important line) that indicates whether you are pregnant or not.

Did you do the test and is there a thin line visible on the pregnancy test within the specified time limit next to the control line? Then you are pregnant! So there is indeed hCG in your body, but maybe not enough to show a thick line. If you do another test in a few days, this will be clearer!

Why a thin line visible on the pregnancy test?

It often happens that the crucial line is a very light line. The reason for this are:

  • You are too early to test whether you are pregnant and therefore there is not as much hCG in your urine.
  • You drunk a lot of water so that your urine is diluted.
  • Maybe you have a pregnancy test that is not so sensitive to hCG. The sensitivity of the test is on the packaging. For example: Do you have a test that indicates that it can detect hCG if it is around the 20-10 mIU / ml is? Then it will be able to indicate earlier that you are pregnant, than a test that measures from 50 mIU / ml.

Do you want to test if you are pregnant?
This test is more sensitive than other pregnancy tests so you can test 6 days before your period.

What is a drying line? And what does it look like

A drying line is a vague line that you see on your pregnancy test. Often exactly on the spot where the second line should be if you had a positive test. The drying line is caused by dried urine. It becomes visible if you look at the test after the specified time limit (for example, after half an hour).

Do not think of a drying line: I am pregnant, because if the line was not visible within the specified time limit you are not pregnant!

How do you prevent a drying line?

Each pregnancy test has a leaflet that states after how many minutes you can read the result. Read the test exactly after the indicated amount of time. If there is only one dash, then unfortunately you have a negative pregnancy test and you are not pregnant. Discard the test below. The results that you read after half an hour are no longer reliable and so you often see a drying line.

Is there a second line visible after the specified time limit, and is there a thin line visible on the pregnancy test? Then it is not a drying line but you are in good expectation!

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