Flasks by hand, without device

Did you know that in principle you do not need a device to pump ?! You can also practice with a bit of practice flasks by hand if you are breastfeeding. The advantages are that it is completely free, you can do it everywhere and it is completely silent. The milk that you get is also better and fatter than when you use a breast pump. That is because you can manually empty your chest and exert positive pressure.

The technique of flasks by hand

Before you start pumping by hand: wash your hands well and make sure you have a clean container. First massage your chest from all sides so that the milk can flow better. You can poke with 1 or 2 hands, that is up to your own preference. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Hold your chest in a "C-handle" (use your two hands, then do a double C-handle).
  2. Place your fingers about 2.5 centimeters behind your nipple.
  3. Press your thumb and fingers towards your ribs in one movement
  4. Press your fingers together
  5. Push your fingers in one direction towards your nipple.

During frying you can move your hand a little if you notice that there is less milk coming from your chest. Pumping by hand can take about half an hour of your time. The more exercise you have had, the faster it will go.

Tips on how to manually fry

It often happens that women have trouble frying milk the first few times when they are breastfeeding. Here are some tips to get production going:

  • Massage your breasts before you start pumping to get the products going.
  • Try to relax.
  • Flask when you have full breasts and not just after you have fed your baby.
  • Eat and drink sufficiently so that your milk production keeps going.
  • Make sure that the breast shields are not too small.
  • Look at a picture of your baby or think about your baby.

Flasks by hand film

In the below video you see the technique of pumping out by hand again explained.

The nice thing about seeing the above hand-flickering video is that you really have a picture of how the flasks work by hand in terms of technology.

Flasks by hand youtube, really clear how the handpump is going well, nice to see this youtube video!

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