Vegetable juices for when you are pregnant: the maternity box!

You hear it all the time: healthy food is important, but during your pregnancy, it is even more important. The problem is only: sometimes healthy eating is not always easy. What I sometimes miss is my daily portion of vegetables. Fortunately, something has come to mind: the vegetable juices for when you are pregnant with Frecious! I have tried them for you and I also liked it. Read my review here!

Vegetable juices for when you are pregnant!

Vegetables is the only product that you can never eat too much of. It contains (unlike, for example, fruit) virtually no sugar and no fat. What is in it? A lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers and moisture. Yet only 5% of all Dutch people eat the recommended amount of vegetables every day. It would be good for everyone if they would eat their 250 grams of vegetables daily, but for pregnant ladies it is of course extra important.

Fortunately, there are various initiatives from companies that try to help the Dutch and Belgians eat healthier. This goal is also provided by the young Dutch company Frecious. They have therefore come up with something quite unique: high-quality screwed vegetable juices. If you find your health and your child's health important, but you do not always manage to eat enough fruit and vegetables every day, then these vegetable juices are for if you are pregnant I-DE-AAL.

Vegetable juice from Frecious for during pregnancy

Frecious is a young Dutch company that has recently made its appearance on the Dutch and Belgian market. Frecious is the only company in the Netherlands to offer a unique product: vegetable juices that are 100% screwed by means of a screw press.

With this press the fibers are broken up by the screw through which the vitamins and minerals are screwed out of the fibers. The fibers then are then in the pulp.
This way of 'grinding' vegetables is the same as if you would chew the vegetables yourself. The vegetables are therefore not pressed, so that more nutrients remain intact.

A very unique concept, which makes the vegetable juices very suitable for when you are pregnant. The pure slow juices, or vegetable juices, consist for the most part of vegetables (at least 70%, but 100% is also possible), fruit (ranging from 30% to 15%) and valuable spices and herbs. One bottle contains about 300 grams of vegetables. This means that you immediately have all your daily portion. Super much 'health' in a bottle.

Maternity box from Frecious review, how does it taste?

I got a box of 20 juices from Frecious. Here were 5 different flavors:

  • Heart Beet
  • Liquid Gold
  • Golden Wonder
  • Orange Glow
  • Smashing Pumpkin Soup

These vegetable juices for when you are pregnant contain a good portion of vegetables, fruit and spices so that you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. I must honestly say that in the beginning I had to get used to the taste. I did not even like the first gulps. But: it really gets used! If you have tasted the different flavors more often, get used to it and appreciate the tasteful combinations of vegetables, fruits and spices.

I also felt immediately after I had drunk a bottle that I was super healthy. That felt seriously very good! My absolute favorite flavors: Heart Beet and Orange Glow. What I really like is that I got my daily portion of vitamin and minerals without much hassle.

Sometimes you have those days that you do not eat so healthily, I used to feel a little guilty about that. Of course you want the best for your baby!

Thanks to Frecious vegetable juices, I no longer had to feel guilty or think about how I could make sure I would get all the nutrients from that day. I could just drink a bottle and be ready!

Soon I got a new habit: every night I took a bottle from the freezer (you have to keep it in the freezer) and I put it in the fridge for the next day. Every afternoon I drank my mega vitamin and mineral booster and then I felt really good and healthy. Delicious!

Nice extras at the maternity box

Extra nice to the Frecious vegetable juices for when you are pregnant, the extras you get in the form of fun emails with healthy and valuable information. You will receive an e-mail about the products themselves, when you can best drink the juices and how best to defrost them. You will also receive relevant information about the pregnancy and healthy diet, with important tips for healthy eating, healthy recipes and even 2 super healthy daily menus!

Summary review

Although I had to get used to the taste in the beginning, most slow juices are great to drink. Some are slightly better than the others, but since they are so healthy, you still have a good time. The biggest advantage to the vegetable juices is that you easily get a lot of valuable nutrients in an easy way. So you do not have to think about it yourself anymore.

Another advantage is that I feel super healthy thanks to the juices and really feel that I am responsible. This is further enhanced by the extra information you get. All the information and the juices bring you into a certain 'feel good mode', which encourages you to generally live healthier.

I have not found real disadvantages, I think it's a great concept especially for people who have trouble eating enough fruits and vegetables. If you already eat healthy yourself, then in principle you do not need these vegetable juices.

Order vegetable juices

Do you also want to order your daily portion of nutrients in a super easy and delicious way and do you want to order the vegetable juices for when you are pregnant?
Order your own maternity box so that you and your baby get super healthy through this pregnancy! Do you already have children? Frecious also has YOUNG, a line with vegetable juice especially for children!

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