Why walking after childbirth is good

Walking after childbirth is an incredibly good way to get moving again without risking a lot of danger. The chance that you overload yourself or your sutures when walking is very small. Very safe and safe. It is also a good way to gently strengthen your childbirth and you will find that you really relax. Hup in the legs! But only after a week. The first week after your birth you better still rest.

When the door is out after the delivery

The first week after your birth, you might not be able to jump out and go for a walk. Especially when it's cold outside. Brrrr. That is not necessary at all. Where you can start with is your stomach muscles tighten in bed (10 times in succession) and your pelvic floor muscles train. Your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles probably suffered the most during pregnancy and it is important for these muscles to recover quickly.

From the second or third week you can try to start walking after the birth. Do not immediately walk a few kilometers, but first try to figure out what your body can handle right now. Some women can immediately walk for half an hour, others have to drag themselves home after 10 minutes. Every body repairs differently and you are never, but never a stauncher if it is not yet with you. Therefore, do not go beyond your limits. Try it, if it does not work then you can just pop on the couch again. Tomorrow is another day.

Try walking slowly after the birth from the third week to half an hour per day. That is a nice start to move (again) more.

Benefits of walking after childbirth

Walking is good for you because it gives your body the opportunity to gently strengthen. But in addition there are other advantages:

  • You are in the open air. Maybe you do not believe that now, but the outside air will really do you good. Even, and perhaps especially, in the winter.
  • Breathing fresh air does wonders for your energy and state of mind.
  • You can test your new pram.
  • You can take a rest, especially if you are looking for the forest or heath or other nature.
  • It really helps to relax.

Losing belly after pregnancy

If you want to lose your stomach after the pregnancy, walking is a perfect way to start slowly. But the most important thing is your food. Every pound really goes through the mouth. This does not mean that you now have to go on a strict diet. This is dangerous even if you are breastfeeding.

Just pay attention to what you eat and let sugar and saturated fat (cookies, cake, chocolate, chips, fries) stand for a while and eat lots of whole grain products, lots of vegetables, 2 pieces of fruit and healthy and lean proteins such as chicken or beef, nuts, eggs , legumes or fish. Do not you know what you can eat? Then go to the website of the nutrition center and fill in your five-digit disc. You will then receive a good guideline.

Do not think that your belly goes away after the pregnancy by doing abdominal exercises. In any case, these must first slowly recover before you can start with sit-ups, shelves and side crunches. So start with simple exercises. Read more about abdominal exercises after giving birth here.

Move after pregnancy

If your diet is healthy, the second step is: more exercise. Walking after childbirth is a very good first (literal) step to rebuild your condition. First start with a walk of 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour and see how this feels. Try to do this daily (keep listening to your body) and slowly build it up to half an hour a day. After 6 weeks you can do some heavier sports and move more intensively.

If you have had a Caesarean section, you have to wait 8 weeks before going against it. You do not have to go straight to the gym. Intensive exercise means that your heart rate is clearly increased and you can not have a whole conversation. An hour of brushing is also part of this. Read here what sports you can do after the birth.

Can you only stimulate yourself to exercise? Then sport together with other mothers who have just given birth! So you not only have a stick behind the door, but you also have direct contact with women who are in the same boat. Can you share nice experiences while you are completely in shape again. Win win! If you Googelt on pregnancy course, mama in shape or mom in balance you come a long way.

If your little one is 3 months old, you can do all sports again.

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