Abdominal exercises after childbirth

A pregnancy is always accompanied by some extra body weight and getting a belly. Even after birth, it will take some time before your belly is back to the size you had before the pregnancy. To get the belly off, it is important that you start eating healthy again. Also can abdominal exercises after childbirth help to make your abdominal muscles strong again. Read all about this when you can do abdominal muscles again after giving birth, which muscles you have to train especially and watch useful videos.

Pregnancy silos after delivery

You will hardly get out of it: after your birth you will struggle for a while with some pregnancy silos and a belly belly. On average, women come to about 10 to 15 kilos during pregnancy. The first 5 kilos will quickly lose you because these pounds consist of your baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, extra blood and fluid. But the other kilos can be more difficult.

Do not go lines, especially not if you are breastfeeding. During the line, harmful substances enter the breast milk which can be harmful to your baby. In addition, you need a few extra kilocalories when you breastfeed because you burn 500 kilocalories per day. If you want to get to your old weight quickly, breastfeeding can certainly help.

When can you start exercising again after the pregnancy?

After the birth of your little miracle, it is not wise to get started with sit-ups right away. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch and they shift. In addition, the pregnancy and delivery have a significant impact on your body. Do not start exercising your abdominal muscles until your abdominal muscles are in the right place again, usually after 6 weeks. If you have had a Caesarean section, it can take 8 weeks. Read more information about defecating here.

Do this first before your abdominal exercises after giving birth!

Do you want to know for sure whether your abdominal muscles have grown enough together?
Then do the following trick. Lie with your back on the floor. Pull your knees up and put your feet flat on the floor. Then lift your head slightly. You now tighten your abdominal muscles. Place fingers above your navel from one hand. If it is good, you feel a dimple there. If this opening is larger than 2 fingers, the abdominal muscle tendon plate is still insufficiently closed. You have to wait.

Losing belly after pregnancy

To get rid of your stomach you can start with healthy eating where you let sugar and fat stand for a while. Do not go on a diet immediately, especially when you are breastfeeding. In addition to healthy eating, you can start exercising after about 6 weeks to burn more kilocalories.

Abdominal exercises after childbirth is certainly good to do to get your abdominal muscles back, but do not think that you only get a tight stomach from abdominal exercises. If there is a layer of fat on your muscles, you can train what you want: first that layer of fat has to be removed. And it only goes off if you eat fewer kilocalories than you get in and therefore waste.

Work out the importance of your abdominal muscles again

As we mentioned earlier, you will not get a flat stomach if you only do abdominal exercises after giving birth. Only the combination of healthy eating and more exercise will help you. Nevertheless, abdominal exercises are very good to do.

First focus on your side abdominal muscles. These muscles are often allowed to train a little earlier after giving birth. The side abdominal muscles are connected to your back and form a sort of sturdy belt. By training these you can reduce any back problems. If this goes well you can train your right abdominal muscles after a while.

Good exercises for your side abdominal muscles and abdominal muscles

Good abdominal exercises after childbirth are:

  • V-up

  • Side crunch or twisted crunch

  • Superman or prone cobra

In the first few weeks that you start training, do abdominal exercises only 2 days a week. Build it up slowly like 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise. You rest for 1 minute after each set. Only after a few weeks will you start building it up.
Do you feel pain during the exercises? Stop immediately and try again for a few days.

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