10 Fables about getting pregnant

From the moment you make it known that you are 'going to try' a deluge of information will soon come over you. Especially when you go Googling you get a lot of nonsense and so fables about getting pregnant against. In order to ensure that you do not worry unnecessarily, we will disprove a number of fables here.

10 Fables about getting pregnant:

  1. The seed will be better if you save it for your fertile days

    The "seed shedding" on days when you are not fruitful would be a shame. You can save the seed better for a true bonnet. Nonsense of course, the sperm cells do not last forever and die after 24 to 70 hours after which new ones come again.

  2. Women must have an orgasm, otherwise the chance of conception is smaller

    You really do not have to do any hand and sports services to ensure that the woman also cums. This can sometimes cause stress and that is a terrible damper. For fertilization it does not matter whether the woman has an orgasm or not. It is possible that the uterus is slightly more susceptible, but also without orgasm fertilization can take place.

  3. If you have sex every day, you increase the chance of conception

    This is not true and certainly not for the women who know their menstrual cycle. If you are not in your fertile period (a few days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation) you will not become pregnant. Not even when you work 5 times a day. You also do not have to sex every day in your fertile period. Every day is enough as seed can certainly survive a day (or 2-3) in the womb.

    Sometimes doctors can advise you to have community around every 2 or 3 days if you do not know how your menstrual cycle goes. Then you still do not get pregnant faster, but chances are that you also have sex in your fertile period.

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  5. Getting pregnant is easy for many women

    You will notice: at the moment that you do not get pregnant, you notice how many women do succeed. Still, pregnancy continues and a healthy child gives birth to a very, very great miracle. Miscarriages are unfortunately more common than you think and secretly more people take longer than seems at first.

  6. Stress is worse than smoking

    A common excuse of smokers is that stress is worse for the baby than smoking. Absolutely not true. Smoking is and remains much worse and also reduces your fertility.

  7. If you are too busy with pregnancy, you will not become pregnant

    It is a remark that many women hear at the moment that they do not succeed in getting pregnant. "You're too busy with it." Look, sometimes it is good to be less obsessive about your pregnancy, but there is no evidence that you are therefore less fertile. It is also impossible for a woman with a big desire to be 'less involved'.

    What we do want to add is that stress about getting pregnant will not help. Stay calm, find distractions and do not try to control your life. But you may well be working on it.

  8. As long as you are breastfeeding, you are not fertile

    This is one of those dangerous fables about getting pregnant: as long as you are breastfeeding you can not become pregnant. That is not entirely true. It is true that women who breastfeed after birth on demand (so about every 2 to 4 hours both during the day and at night) are less fertile in the first months. But as soon as your baby sleeps more, you are already more fertile.

    Incidentally, there have also been women who became pregnant in the first months. Of course they had not counted on this. Do you want to minimize the chance of a new pregnancy again, rather than with a condom.

  9. You have a high probability that your pregnancy will run the same as your mother's

    How fast you become pregnant, your fertility and the course of the pregnancy itself can very well differ from that of your mother. If you are less fertile, you do not have to come from your mother in many cases, although some disorders can be hereditary.

  10. If you have used the pill for years, you will become less likely to get pregnant

    The pill has absolutely no influence on your fertility and does not ensure that you can only become pregnant after a while. The moment that you are fertile again depends on the moment that your menstrual cycle starts again. In some women this is after a few weeks already, with other women it takes longer.

  11. If the man cycles a lot, that has a negative effect on the sperm

    Fortunately, this is one of the fables about getting pregnant that is not true either. Your partner can cycle well every day without his 'swimmers' getting a worse condition. Only when your partner takes part in the Tour de France can cycling have a small influence.

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