22 weeks pregnant

The weight of your baby has already increased considerably now you 22 weeks pregnant are. Currently, your baby weighs about 440 grams and is as tall as a papaya (28.5 centimeters). You will probably have noticed that not only the weight of your baby has increased. That you become heavier is part of it, especially when you consider that you get more and more amniotic fluid in your body.

22 Weeks pregnant: The baby is hearing better and better

The development of hearing is almost complete at 22 weeks of pregnancy and the ears also begin to take the right form. Do you regularly sing for your baby? At this moment your baby is the best public for your golden throat. In fact, if your baby is born later, singing the same song can reassure him or her. So do not hesitate to regularly test your singing skills and look for a beautiful lullaby!

By touch

Your baby is now starting to grab more and more around him. In this way he or she will regularly catch the umbilical cord. Fortunately, the umbilical cord can handle this well. At birth you may notice that this umbilical cord is not so easy to cut through. Your baby will also increasingly swallow some amniotic fluid. Here he can distinguish a few flavors from what you have eaten. In addition to the taste, the other senses also develop more and more after 22 weeks of being pregnant.

Favorite sleeping position of your baby

Did you know that your baby is already 22 weeks pregnant or is her preferred sleeping position developing? Your baby now sleeps on average between 12 to 14 hours a day. That is comparable to the number of hours that he will sleep after birth.

Never do: lines during pregnancy

Now the kilos are flying, some women tend to go on a diet. That is really a bad idea. Most of the kilos that you arrive at now are the natural pregnancy silos that are quickly gone after birth. If you eat a lot, it is possible that you also arrive in fat. Instead, make sure you keep the sweets under control and also eat exactly the amount of kilocalories that your body needs now.

Dieting and losing weight can be harmful to your child. This is because harmful substances are released during the breakdown of fat cells. These substances end up in your blood and eventually reach your child.

Even though the pregnancy silos arrive now, you are 22 weeks pregnant and it is definitely not recommended to go on diets during pregnancy

22 weeks pregnant: stomach acid

It can happen that when you are 22 weeks pregnant you will suffer from stomach acid. What can help to reduce stomach acid is:

  • Slow food;
  • Chew well;
  • Smaller amounts of food;
  • Pay attention with spicy food.

22 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

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