Tip: Scandinavian baby furniture and accessories from Done by Deer

I actually thought that I would make a room in our baby room where a pink bomb had exploded. But when I went to Pinterest to look at ideas for baby rooms, I noticed that quiet and minimalist rooms with pastel colors appealed to me the most. Now that I have done more research, I must honestly say that the Scandinavian style really appeals to me. Do you also want a beautiful baby room that radiates light and tranquility, yet has fun and playful accents? View the ideas for fun here Scandinavian baby furniture and accessories from, among others, the great brand Done by Deer.

Baby room in Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style of living is characterized by clean lines, light colors, natural materials and geometric shapes. The living style often also has a minimalist character. So you never see stuff that is redundant or has no function. Everything is functional and practical.

What I find very nice about this style is that it radiates an oasis of peace and light through the light colors and soft pastel shades. With nice accessories, for example from Done by Deer, and Scandinavian baby furniture you give the whole a fun and playful character. On the walls you can also add nice prints with, for example, black, such as dashes, dots, wobbles or clouds.

Scandinavian baby furniture and accessories

The basis of the Scandinavian style may be calm, it does not necessarily mean that it has to be boring. Precisely by Scandinavian baby furniture and playful accessories you bring more color and prints in the baby room. By using pastel colors such as yellow, pink, blue or green you bring a lot of warmth into the nursery. View some super cute Scandinavian designer baby furniture here.

Done by deer for a children's room in style with designer toys

If you want to decorate your baby room in that beautiful Scandinavian style, then you can of course choose the best for Scandinavian baby furniture and accessories. I have discovered a great Danish brand that makes fantastic baby furniture and accessories; namely Done by Deer. The strength of this brand lies in the use of very nice prints and soft colors. In addition, they have added useful and funny functionalities to each product. Curious? View the Done by Deer range here.

I am really enthusiastic about it, that is also because our interior is pretty tight, so these accessories and baby stuff from Done by Deer fit perfectly in our house, including in the living room. We keep the nursery for our girl very light, with dots of pink pastel colors on one wall. I've already dropped my eye on the pink duvet cover and changing mat with amazing animal print on it. Now just have a look at my husband.

Done by deer babynest

In my orientation trip to cute Scandinavian baby furniture and Done by Deer accessories I came across the baby nest of this brand. I did not know the concept of a babynest until a friend told me that it is such a handy thing. Your baby loves to lie comfortably in a bed. Such a baby bug gives your baby a safe feeling so that they can sleep better in the playpen or in the crib.

Done by Deer has very nice babynestjes, which are playful but not over the top childish. So they have a blue and pink with dots and a white with black dots. Or these babynestjes in pink, blue or gray with subtle balloons on it. Really recommended!

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