Sterilize and clean baby bottles

A lot of bacteria can accumulate on bottles and teats. We as adults can against this, but your little baby has to work on a good immune system. That is why it is wise to regularly sterilize baby bottles and clean them. How you can do that, how long and until when can you read here!

How to sterilize baby bottles?

You can sterilize the baby bottles of your baby in two ways: by means of a microwave steriliser or by cooking them yourself.
If you are going to boil the bottles or teats, it is important that you take a deep pan, so that the bottles are completely submerged. First bring the water to the boil and then put the bottles in it. You can put a dash of vinegar in the water to prevent limescale. When the time is up, pour the water before you take out the baby bottles.

Microwave sterilizer

You can also buy a microwave sterilizer. There are models that can immediately make a good number of bottles sterile at the same time. You put a microwave sterilizer (yes) in the microwave at about 900W. All bacteria are switched off in no time.

This Phillips microwave sterilizer gets no less than 4.1 out of 5 stars from user reviews.

How long do you sterilize baby bottles?

If you are a handy one microwave sterilizer you have to check the instructions for how long it should be in the microwave. This can differ per model. If you are going to boil the bottles, you will boil the bottles between 5 to 10 minutes (first days 10 minutes). The teats allow you to cook for the last 3 minutes.

Sterilize baby bottles until when do you do that?

Sterilizing baby vials is best done once a day in the first 6 months. Always clean the bottle well after every feeding. After 6 months, sterilizing the baby bottles once a week is sufficient. You do this until your baby is 1 year old, then it is sterilize baby bottles is no longer necessary.

How do you store the cooked bottles?

The cooked bottles can best be stored in a closed place, for example in the refrigerator.

Clean bottle after feeding

After every feeding it is super important that you clean the bottle well. Never forget that! First you rinse the bottle and the teat well so that no remains remain. Then clean the bottle and the teat with warm water and detergent. To get good at all angles and holes you should use a bottle brush. You can buy these bottle brushes in drug stores, baby shops and of course online. After washing, rinse the bottle and teat well so that there are no more soap residues. Then you put the baby bottle and teat to dry on a clean dry cloth.

Disinfecting the dishwasher and baby bottles?

You can best sterilize baby bottles by cooking or sterilizing. The dishwasher is not a sterilizer. After all, the temperature at which most dishwashers clean is too low. You can clean the bottles in the dishwasher instead of washing them if you have a program of 55 degrees or higher.
Rinse the bottle and the teat well after the dishwasher. After all, rinse aid or residues of the dishwasher tablets may remain in the bottles and on the teats.

Cleaning and sterilizing on vacation

In the Netherlands the water is filtered very well, so it is not necessary to use other water for food or cleaning. When abroad with the baby on vacation, the water can be less 'fresh'. Use as a precaution to sterilize mineral water for baby bottles.

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