How long can a baby sleep without food?

There is not one sleep rhythm baby that applies to all small ukkies. Every baby has its own sleep and wake rhythm. That sometimes makes it so difficult to find out whether you should let your baby sleep through or wake up. Many parents therefore ask themselves How long can a baby sleep without food? This depends very much on the age of your child and the weight. Read more about this in this blog!

How long between two power supplies?

The number of feedings that your baby receives one day coincides with the sleep rhythm baby. Your baby is mainly awake because he or she is hungry. How long the time between feeds varies per child. One drinks a lot at once and has longer intervals and the other drinks small bits and must drink more often.

In general, nature has arranged for your baby to wake up automatically when he or she is hungry. So your baby actually determines the amount of time between two feeds. In newborn babies this is on average 3 or 4 hours. From 3 months this is about 6 hours.

Let sleep or wake up?

Some babies are more awake than others. And there are also babies who sleep a lot again. In addition to being happy to praise yourself, it can sometimes cause some unrest among parents. After all, your baby needs regular nutrition to be able to develop.

At first you can just keep the rhythm of your baby. Especially when your baby is older, they automatically wake up when they are hungry. They can do just fine sleep longer without food. In older babies there is no maximum number of hours that a baby can sleep without food. This is because older and healthy babies do not prevent them from waking up on their own.

Newborn babies and sleeping without food

In newborn babies it is wise to pay attention. A newborn baby is allowed up to 10 hours sleep without food. If there is more than 10 hours between the foods you better wake up your newborn baby for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
If you do not, the glucose level may drop too far, which in the worst case can lead to unconsciousness.

If you notice that your baby is waking up very drowsy, it is good to do the feeds a bit closer to each other. If your baby is just born, the first days are very important. In these days, make sure that your baby is well awake so that you can feed. Breast milk still needs to start and increase in breastfeeding women. This is extra stimulated if your baby drinks regularly. You can keep the rhythm of your newborn baby as your baby:

  • Born in time;
  • Is healthy;
  • Drink well several times a day;
  • Peeing and peeing well several times a day;
  • Clearly continues to grow;
  • Your baby has a healthy weight.

So keep in mind that your newborn baby will not sleep more than 10 hours without food!

When do you have to pay extra attention?

In a number of circumstances it is good to be extra alert. In this case, pay attention to the energy of your baby and do not skip any power supplies.

  • Newborn babies can sleep up to 10 hours without food, longer is not good;
  • With medication use it can happen that your baby is more sleepy because of this;
  • Health problems or problems with breastfeeding can also disturb the natural rhythm.

Sleeping without feeding older babies

If your baby is about 2 or 3 months old, he or she may be without food for a longer period of time. If your baby is healthy and pees enough, it is not bad that they sometimes sleep through a bit longer. You do not have to wake up your baby for food.

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