Milk bath photo shoot

A new "hype" that I've seen a lot on instagram lately is one milk bath photo shoot! They are often very nice pictures and therefore in this blog an answer to the questions. What is a milk bath photo shoot, can you do it yourself or can you have it done better by a photographer?

What is a milk bath photo shoot?

The name milk bath photoshoot actually says everything, a photo shoot in a bath filled with milk. Because of the white color, everything under "water" is not visible. And that makes for very beautiful and discrete pictures.
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In addition to milk, the photographers also use some "secret ingredients", but the vast majority just consist of milk. To make the photos more atmospheric, flowers are almost always used. These come in all shapes and sizes and the photographer can advise you which flowers best suit the atmosphere you want in your photo shoot. Which flowers are possible is also dependent on the season, because it works with beautiful fresh flowers.

To make everything look even nicer and more atmospheric, there are always lace cloths and lace dresses available in the photo studio. These can be draped around your body and thus hide certain parts of the body. Moreover, this creates a subtle effect in the photos.
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Milk bath photo shoot pregnancy

A milk bath photo shoot during pregnancy provides a beautiful and lasting memory of one of the most special periods in your life.

The best time for a pregnancy photo shoot is between the 32 and 38 weeks of pregnancy. Your pregnant belly then protrudes nicely above the milk surface. And with this gestational age you are still flexible enough to take beautiful poses.

A milk bath may not be too hot (just like a normal bath at the end of the pregnancy). Most photographers do not do milk bath photo shoots on location. Especially because a milkbath photo shoot sets a number of important conditions for the light and the size and elegance of the bath. In order to guarantee the desired quality, the photographers want to take photos in their own studio.
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Clothing for a milk bath photo shoot

With a milk bath photo shoot you wear white or skin-colored underwear or a bikini in the same color. Preferably strapless so that no straps run over your shoulders.

In addition, lace is used, this substance gives a nice effect in combination with the milk bath. Photographers have canvases in their studio and often a lace dress. It is possible to bring your own lace dress, in consultation with the photographer it can then be checked whether it is suitable for the pregnancy photo shoot.

Where can you make a milk bath photo shoot?

As mentioned, you can have a milk bath photo shoot done best in a photo studio. The photographer has optimized all conditions for the most beautiful photos. Consider, for example, the light and the size of the pool.

It is of course also possible to get started yourself. Do you have a spacious bath where you can easily take poses. And someone who can take beautiful pictures, you can try it yourself. Take a good look at the examples on the internet. If the result is not satisfactory, you can always opt for a professional photo shoot.
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What does a milkbath pregnancy photo shoot cost?

A milk bath photo session with a professional photographer costs between € 125 and € 450. This depends, of course, on the duration of the photo shoot and the number of photos you receive after the end of the milk bath photo shoot.

Take a look at the Pinterest page of Zo Zwanger for even more inspiration and examples of a milk bath photo shoot during pregnancy.

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